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  1. Heard back. Hoping for the best for you!
  2. Anybody hear from UCSD yet ?
  3. UCI sent out finals this evening
  4. HI, I've heard from UCSD. My audition is in a few days. Crossing my fingers for you!
  5. Yes, they’ve been sent out
  6. Someone on the “MFA Audition Accountability group” Facebook page has!
  7. Anyone heard from Columbia? I know they are taking only a couple of incoming students so it’s a small chance but just curious!
  8. @mykingdomforanMFAnope! I submitted but haven’t heard. It’s a great school, really hoping for a next step...
  9. Hi! Did URTAs and I am very tired. Lol I feel very lucky to be tired though. I didn’t get a final callback for Juilliard either, so we are done. Also waiting to hear back from UCSD! Video submissions are weird.
  10. hi! I am also waiting till February to hear about callback weekends! NYU and Juilliard were good, and I'm waiting to do URTAs in January. Is anyone doing URTAs? I was wondering if you are interested in a specific school, do you message them ahead of time to let them know when your date is or are you just casting the net wide? Thanks!!
  11. Hi all! So happy to see responses lol I'm doing URTAs, hoping ACT and UCSD will accept a class, Juilliard, Columbia, NYU, the works! Also trying to keep things open....I'm truthfully just happy to be working on material with a human. If anyone is on facebook, there is an "MFA Accountability Group" that has been extremely helpful to keep up with these ever changing times...
  12. Hey all, just making a space for those of us looking at MFA Acting programs this upcoming year (2021). Wanting to connect while there is so much distance involved in acting right now (zoom readings anyone??). Also freaking out a little considering these auditions will be virtual and very different from what we are all so used to to. Hopefully a blessing in disguise...I'm sad that a few of my top choice schools won't be accepting but very excited to have some sort of goal whether the outcome is just working on material. *is there anyone out there?*
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