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  1. Ditto. Also.....actually TALKING on the phone, handwritten letters, newspapers, actual books, and train travel (the old school ones, not these fancy subway trains).
  2. I can only pick one thing? Geez. I'd have to go with my classmates. I find many of them so frustrating that I would rather just have classes all by myself and be able to guide the lectures toward my own interests.
  3. watching sports, mustard, touchscreens, beer, facebook, twitter......... yeah they all have me rolling my eyes.
  4. Time change...... *eye roll*

  5. OP, while I'm in a non-cohort Master's program I have had similar experiences with a number of my classmates. I am flat out appalled at those who are investing so much time and money into a graduate program and show up completely unprepared for discussions. I can understand not reading every single article, chapter, etc. However, it is not hard to read some of the material and have a couple of discussion questions ready to pose to the class. I will admit that my reaction has been similar to yours and I too have been called judgmental and arrogant. It should be noted I don't care lol.
  6. In my classes there isn't really a need to ask for notes from classmates because the professors post their power points and the syllabus details all the reading. Even if you miss class it isn't difficult to fill in the gaps on your own. I find it odd that your classmate knew about this trip ahead of time and didn't ask you ahead of time if he could get your notes or if maybe you could bring his recorder to class and tape the lecture or something. I'd find the buttering up emails annoying, but that's just me. I think it could go either way here. If you don't want to share your notes the
  7. The summer before I started my MA I worked, volunteered, saw family/friends, and started cutting my budget. Nothing super exciting, but I'm not the type to just sit around lol.
  8. Well now you have options, this is good! More could come if you haven't heard from everywhere yet =)
  9. A few thoughts come to mind as I read your post. First, while 3 application cycles is a lot and it is expensive there are students that have done more to finally get in. If getting a PhD really is your dream then you can hang in there for at least another round. Also your comments about the green card make me think you're an international student. I am not an expert on how best to come to the US to study, but I do understand the cost considerations when you have a family. I'm here in California where it is very expensive to live and work/study. Many of the international students/emplo
  10. Doing the taxes filed and can't wait for my refund dance =)

    1. Quantum Buckyball

      Quantum Buckyball

      I got my federal one last week, 3 days after I submitted it.

    2. MsDarjeeling


      Wow! Maybe I'll get that lucky since mine was fairly simple.

  11. While I doubt your prior degree will automatically deny you admission, it is likely that they will wonder why you're seeking a 2nd MA if your goal is eventually a PhD. That is something you could address in your SOP/PS.
  12. If all of you are considering Master's programs to help you get into a PhD program, then the suggestions above to search threads here on Master's programs is a great starting point. You can also just do a broad Google search and find all kinds of listings that way, this was my preferred method when I was looking for programs. Now I'm assuming all of you know what kind of PhD you want to get, so when you find Master's programs that interest you and *might* help you reach your goals then contact the program and ask them. Tell them what your research interests are, what skills you're intereste
  13. My field is psychology, but I have always maintained interests in other areas like cooking, nutrition, criminology, chemistry, mythology (all kinds, not just Greek), creative writing, anthropology, medicine, and more.
  14. I'm with microarray. I just don't do all nighters. When I'm tired, I sleep and don't care what is still lingering on my to do list. The 5-6hr option still lets me function and not be cranky to everyone around me.
  15. Glad I'm not the only wide rule paper hater lol. I like to have college rule notebooks, several packs of post it notes in different colors, several pens in different colors, and highlighters in several colors.
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