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  1. Graduation weekend. It's amazing meeting all my close friends' parents.

  2. It feels like summer and that means making the most of the time left with college friends~

  3. That sounds like an awesome deal to me, especially if you know the area is safe.
  4. Is there anyone from your school going to the same grad school? I lucked out and my close friend's boyfriend is actually headed the same way as me, so we're looking into places together.
  5. Sadly, I do not have any specific names other than my landlord for my house. I will say though that I have visited Ashbrook Apartments, though that is farther away. I have also been to a prof's apartment in Chelsea Commons and have heard a few grad students say they live there, so there's that. Are you in contact with any current students in your program? They might be able to help. Also, you could consider looking at UNC Chapel Hill Class of 20XX Facebook groups and find people who need summer subletters. Then you can come and check out places when you are actually here. This requires coming
  6. Have you asked advice from any current grad students in your program? If any of them have pets, they may be able to steer you in the right direction.
  7. I almost didn't believe this thread was real. Educational Psychology. :') Hello.
  8. Heck no. You have to live on that money. The least they can do is tell you how much, especially because it can affect your decision to attend, assuming you haven't already accepted.
  9. I talked to my LOR writers a month or so into that semester, but did not actually send them the links to the websites until a month before the deadline. They told me to give them at least two weeks notice, so I was ahead on that. However, I wanted to have everything turned in by December 1st, even though some applications weren't due until Dec 15th and then Jan 1st. I regret this in hindsight, but at the time I had so much happening at once that I was happy to sacrifice my Thanksgiving break and just get all the applications done with.
  10. I have to help teach a class on Wednesday. Given that I hit Accept yesterday, I'm starting to feel a case of the "I don't wanna"s.
  11. It's the last day of Spring Break for me, and I spent the entire week at my house alone because my plans fell through. One of my housemates did not tell me he was coming back before the others, so at 12:30 at night I woke up to hear someone rummaging around in the house and going into rooms. My room is at the way back of the house and has outside access, so I got situated and slowly snuck outside to check the the driveway. Sure enough, his car was there so I stormed back into the house and yelled at him. His response, "I said 'greetings' when i came in!" SIGH.
  12. Officially accepted my spot at UT Austin for Ed.Psych. Time for some ice cream to celebrate!!!

    1. PhDerp


      Congratulations!!! :D I've heard such wonderful things about Austin. One of my friends is moving there just because she misses it! She doesn't even have a job lined up, the place is just that worth being in!

    2. likemythesis


      Someone at work overheard I got in and looked me dead in the eyes and said, "If you have a chance to live in Austin, you take it." Ye-e-s ma'am

  13. My advisor was very peppy and never expressed any doubt about the places I wanted to apply to. Given that I was rejected from 4 (probably going to be 5 soon) out of my 7 and her response each time was, "yeah it's incredibly hard to get into", I wish there had been more of a discussion. Even after getting into a good school, I was still very shaken by how close I came to not getting in anywhere. But that's why the phrase "You only need one!" was first uttered, so it's still technically a happy ending.
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