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  1. "In third grade I had this teacher who would give every student the same grade on each assignment...." http://t.co/87hcWohM3U
  2. Photoset: sexxxisbeautiful: huffingtonpost: One Woman’s Reaction To Every ‘White Man’s Sentence’ That’s how... http://t.co/ZMJbALQyhk
  3. Does anyone know of a good site for keeping track of academic conferences? Like CFP list... but for mental health
  4. Dear financial aid, I WANT YOU SO BAD WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG asdflk

  5. Apartment found!!!! Now onto the roommate search...

  6. Hmmm, so I'm thinking backpack printer / ink tablet (very ambitious, I know) umbrella ('cause it's Seattle and I'm moving from SoCal) also the DSM V I kind of want to throw a few grad school guides in there, any ideas?
  7. booo sorry you don't have that option acarr
  8. I'm seriously considering making an amazon wishlist to see if relatives will help me afford all the random shit I'm going to need to move across country for graduate school. But I also can't help but feel shy about it? Like it's somehow super exploitative or selfish? But I really do need the help getting basic shit like a backpack, printer, etc. Has anyone else done this before?

  10. ProTrans

    Seattle, WA

    Also does anyone know about the Greenwood neighborhood?
  11. I am head over heels about an unfunded doctorate. Most of the students in the program work part-time the first year and then go to school full-time after - accumulating an impressive debt by the end. I should be eligible for forgiveness after, and my expected debt isn't that much more than I'll expect to make my first year (whew!) but it's impressive nonetheless. For those of you with unfunded (or underfunded) how did you decide how much to budget for living expenses? Rent for studios in my area seem to be pretty solidly around 1000/month, trying to decide if it's worth it to compromise and get roommates or move farther from school and have to commute.
  12. ProTrans

    Seattle, WA

    What about West Seattle? I hear there's awesome queer community there... but it's also the one place I didn't get a chance to visit. Well, that and Fremont
  13. ProTrans

    Seattle, WA

    Found out there were some really cool new apartments in Belltown... but a friend says there used to be a real crack problem. Folks have any idea how much of a problem this is? I used to live in Oakland, and in a super meth-heavy city before that so it's not a total deal breaker but it'd be good to know before signing a lease.
  14. Have folks ever done things like paid rent with these cards? That's the only part about a credit card that seems weird to me... otherwise it seems like a reasonable solution.

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