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  1. Hi, I'm currently in the UBC program (will be done after our comprehensive exams next week, yay!) and I was also once on the wait list. Last year, the deadline to accept was April 7 and the payment was due the following week. So, it is likely that all 12 people have paid their deposits. That said, do not lose hope. One of my classmates was accepted in late July because someone dropped out. Good luck and feel free to message me if you have any questions.
  2. I applied 3 times! So did another girl in SLP (I'm in Audiology) and another applied 5 times. Don't give up on your dream .
  3. Someone in my program at UBC was accepted into both SLP and Audiology this year. I guess it's possible!
  4. I was in the same situation. Bigger universities do not always = harder!
  5. Be careful. I also thought it was easier getting into American programs because Canada is very GPA focussed and there are so few schools here, but that wasn't the case at all. I ended up getting into a Canadian school and was accepted to only one American school (wait listed at 3/8). Granted, I did apply for the Au.D. which is a different program and probably has different standards but I think a large part of it was because I was applying internationally. It is much more competitive applying as an international student than as a resident, as you are also competing with other international stu
  6. Dealing with a stressed out dog after my move from the suburbs to the busy downtown coastal lifestyle :(. Help?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DeafAudi


      She also hasn't been eating much. I'm wondering if maybe the laziness is a sign of anxiety/overtiredness. I think I'll try the music suggestion at home and see if that helps, thanks.

    3. Threeboysmom


      Poor dog this must be agonizing to see your pet in distress. Maybe call her old vet and ask for suggestions that don't require meds. Even a trainer may have some ideas to help her with the transition.

    4. RunnerGrad


      I know for cats there is Feliway - pheromones which help with moves, stress, etc. maybe there is something similar for dogs?

  7. Said goodbye to my parents today and a LOT of tears were shed but I finally feel settled in my new city. Hoping this year will be everything I want it to be! :)

    1. gk210


      omg. i'm not looking forward to that...saying bye to my parents. :(

    2. iphi


      It'll be tough, but worth it! Good luck!

    3. Threeboysmom


      Wishing you the best on this new journey. And since you're away visiting home will be that much sweeter.

  8. I'm pretty sure that most Canadian universities, like American universities, strongly prefer to see GRE scores in at least the 50th percentile. I have also heard that Dal reserves most of their spots for their own students. Not sure about UofA.
  9. Last day at home before I start my 15 hour drive to my new city tomorrow! Could not be more excited and nervous!

    1. ahlatsiawa


      All the best!

    2. AwesomeBird


      HAH! 37 hour drive for me... oh, Jesus. I need me some Jesus.

    3. DeafAudi


      Lol! Good luck, AwesomeBird! In other news, it's now 5:30 am and I did not sleep one lick tonight. UGHHHHHHHH.

  10. 2 days of work until camping in the mountains followed by actually moving to the mountains!

  11. Nah, I don't think so, especially since you explained the mistake. Relax!
  12. Why is going to the dentist the worst ever? I HATE the feeling of the scraping and polishing. Thank goodness I haven't had a cavity in years.

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    2. spectastic


      they use hammer and chisels to fix your teeth in alberta??

    3. DeafAudi


      I think you're referring to ahlatsiawa's comment. He said that rural dentists in his home country do use those tools...I responded that I was happy I lived in Canada.

    4. DeafAudi


      Also, lunarem, you're nuts! lol.

  13. I wore a nice sundress with flats and a cardigan. I think something like this or dress slacks would be nice. I second the previous suggestions to wear something you feel comfortable in and bring a small notebook and pen. Good luck!
  14. Hi there! I applied to the Canadian Audiology programs but contacted the admissions secretary at UofA when I was applying because the programs have similar admissions requirements and I'm local so it was easy to visit. I was told that usually they accept people with at least a 3.6 GPA, and preferably higher for the last 60 credits. They also will consider any volunteer and research experience you have done. I can't remember the average GRE score but typically schools like to see scores in at least the 50th percentile on all sections. That's all I know for this particular school, but I can
  15. I contacted a second year student and will be buying her first year textbooks, it will save me money and the hassle of moving them. Just an idea!
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