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  1. I'm a first year AUD student at UWO - I was on the waitlist as well when I applied, but was accepted about 2-3 weeks later. Another girl in my program was also waitlisted, and was accepted 6 weeks before the program began! As far as I know, we are the only ones who were waitlisted, but there could've been others. Last year's class has 19 students (supposed to be 20, but one dropped out), they increased enrolment to 22 for my class, and they're increasing it again to 30-35 for next year's class. Just to give people some idea of stats. We have people in my class that came straight fr
  2. Hey guys! I just wanted to start up a thread for any Fall 2016 AUD hopefuls in Canada! I am in the final stretch of applying to UWO, I considered applying to Dalhousie and UBC, however, I didn't have the proper prereq's, so I'm not applying this year. If I don't get accepted to UWO this year, I'll look into applying to other schools for next year!
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