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  1. Figured I would post here for any applicants for next year looking for answers like I was just a few months ago. UNC offered me a spot in their program. Two days ago. A week before the start of the semester. No, they didn't give me anybody else's spot. I made an initial impression, I kept in contact, and remained enthusiastic about the program and receptive to any communication. They made room for me when there was none. Now, I am officially an acting MFA student. Well.... when I repack my bulldog and whatever else I can fit in my car and make it back East I will be... ~deep breath~. Anyway. Keep the faith. Hold on to your hope, even when there's only enough to fit between your pointer and your thumb. When you least expect it, He shines his light.
  2. So... UNC just offered me a spot in their MFA program. Classes start Tuesday. I'm in CA. Hustle?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AwesomeBird


      hahaha where am I gonna live??!!?

      Nope. Just packed up and headed out here. Now gotta pack up and head back East! AAAAAH. CURVE BALL!

    3. iphi


      Congrats! I visited UNC during interviews - totally gorgeous! Now if only they'd offered me money I'd be sitting there now too. You're gonna love it!

    4. Lifesaver


      Wow. Nothing like the last minute.

  3. So.... UNC just offered me a spot in there MFA program.

  4. If you don't know... if you have no understanding... how can you have an opinion...? How could it possibly be valid?? This must be why the term "American pig" exists...

  5. Doogie Howser... Fuck. Did NOT know he had it in him.

    1. pears


      please tell me this means NPH has started his hedwig run!

    2. AwesomeBird


      AMAZING. Thought JCM would be the only one capable of making me wish I were gay man.

  6. Yes to John Cameron Mitchell as Hedwig and that... stare. Yes.

  7. In Undergrad I'd commute about an hour on the train/1.5 hours with the subway. It wasn't bad but I worked out my schedule so I was there 2-3 days a week (still full time). People commute that far to work, so why not school? It all depends on your personal comfort level, but I think you'll be fine.
  8. Does UNC do the unofficial waitlist thing? Or does it differ by department? Anyone else still waiting on them? I contacted them and I'm not rejected yet, but offers have gone out I'm sure... waitlist?
  9. Wow... I'm sorry, but that is such a limited idea of flirtation.... I'm basically saying enjoy the relationship you have with your PI and stop worrying so much about consequences, hesitations, threats, and ESPECIALLY what other people are thinking of you. You two are adults, yes? There's nothing wrong with attraction and sexual tension in healthy doses. There exists a line. Don't cross it and you're fine. That's all I'm saying.
  10. OooOOooo... now this is interesting. I say embrace it. I mean... don't ACT on it, but there's nothing wrong with an INNOCENT sense of flirtation; in fact it's fun, healthy, exciting. I could NEVER understand the notion that once you start dating someone/get married/committ to a relationship any sense of sexual attraction to anyone else is unacceptable and should never be felt and if it is it should be pushed deep deep down in the pit of your soul where it will turn into a rotting repression that will eventually lead to cancer and certain death.... okay, I'm exaggerating slighty, but in all honestly, it's human nature. Don't feel bad or guilty or nervous. Enjoy it. Really. Oh.. and watch American Beauty. Note, he (Kevin Spacey) never seals the deal, but the awakening he has simply from the feeling and fantasy of sexual attraction is enough to completely change his life and perspective.
  11. Seriously- why can't people just let people be who they are and not date them... ? More irritated by that link than anything else. Just sounds like whinning.... she "lost respect" for him. So judgemental... people try too hard to fit themselves into relationships they don't belong in, like jamming two misfit puzzle pieces together. If you don't want to date a student or a professor... then don't.
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