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  1. I am still alive! start my second-year teaching as an HS science teacher, definitely made the right decision not to pursue a postdoc training last year

    1. fuzzylogician


      Hey! Glad to hear that! 

  2. Do TFA to gain some real experience, you could always work on your MA afterward. This will give you an idea if teaching is for you or not before you invest too much time or money in it.
  3. Last day at work, cleaned my desk and turned in my keys. 1.5 more days until I start my real job B)

  4. Yes, I know plenty of graduate students in my program are still supported by their parents, even when they are in their 30s (ex. phone bill, car insurance, rent, etc.) I have noticed that most generous people I have met in graduate school were all from low- or middle- class background. One of my former coworkers was an international student from a third world country, but he often fail to mention that everyone in his family are medical doctor and that they just bought a beach front house in US in full cash, in order to gain legal resident status. Oh, and he wasn't even willing to contrib
  5. Yes, the ability to do research is definitely more important. Applied science has an expiration date, kinda like nano-related topics, it was a hot topic 5 years ago but not anymore. My buddy's research is in nano (fundamental) rather than applied research and it was very hard for him to land interviews despite of his 8 first authored papers in ACS journals. Timing is everything As for right now, some of the hot topics including MOFs (Inorganic), CRISPRS (Biochemistry), and Machine Learning (Data Science) Your problem-solving skills, creativity and soft skills are really import
  6. Job offer accepted, now it's time to defend my dissertation and GTFO :D

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    2. rising_star



    3. Quantum Buckyball

      Quantum Buckyball

      received my confirmation of employment today, shit got real. 

    4. spectastic


      they call that the event horizon 

  7. Sometimes I feel our taxpayers' money should be spent on something else other than so called "scientific research" with minimal incremental improvement... 

  8. I totally agreed with you, I have been having doubts recently as I know I have anxiety problems and I don't know if taking on a job that is fast-paced and high-stressed is a good idea, especially in the field of biopharmaceutical where its profit-driven and highly volatile. On top of that, I really don't like snow and cramped area, I have only been to NYC twice before and really hated both times. I'm seriously considering to just become a high school science teacher in the rural area and live a simple life.
  9. I really hate snow, especially after talking to someone from Boston it made me really not want to take on the job offer from option 3. ...I don't want to have to deal with...45 min/one way for 3 mile commute everyday...
  10. so .... one of the duties is to coordinate with contract labs ;)

  11. we can do tutoring but that is about it, and we cannot teach at a community college as an adjunct...it's pretty bad, I know someone got removed from the program because she decided to take on a part time job and work on weekends.. because you cannot support a family with a graduate student stipend, unless you take out loans.
  12. Our program does not allow graduate students to have any additional side/part time jobs or you would get terminated from the program, they pretty much expect you to work for them 60 hrs/week on a 20 hrs/week salary, sketchy much?
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