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  1. Well my reply comes a bit late, but here goes. Students who get accepted to the CA campus program are allowed to rotate in the FL campus but not vice versa. I believe Scripps allows you to apply to both in one application and I would go ahead and do that and would suggest going with CA as you can still rotate with your POI, but have more options.
  2. You have a great profile! One thing about applying as an international is that there are significantly less spots (if I were to guess probably <5%) due especially in state/public schools. I had a lot more success my second round of applications when I applied to more privately funded schools which don't have these restrictions (e.g. BCM where I go takes in closer to 50% of internationals). I would take that into account when finalizing your lists.
  3. Based on research interest and funding yes. Never met anyone there so can't say much for personality and mentoring style.
  4. Thanks for your reply. She is known to be a very intense PI, but is considered to be very smart and is quite adapt and bringing in collaborations and such. Going with her would be very high risk, high reward. If things don't work out and I end up dropping out of a PhD, yes I would definitely regret it. But if I just decide to switch PIs within Scripps that might not be the worst thing in the world.
  5. Hey guys and gals, I've come close to the end of my first year at BCM, passed all my courses and such. However one of the PIs I was considering joining is leaving to Scripps in CA. I have been given the option to transfer programs, but I was wondering if anyone can give me any advice on the program at Scripps, or any opinion on BCM vs Scripps as institutions, programs, environment (supportive vs competitive), cost of living and how far a scripps stipend goes in CA. Any general advice on what its like to transfer and after transferring programs is also appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Baylor has already started with their first interview weekends for most of their programs. Some programs have more than one interview weekends.
  7. With Baylor I suggest you contact the second choice program director. Sometimes when the application is sent to the second choice, people forget to take a look at it. This happened to me with IMBS and MVM. Contacting the program director ended up with me receiving an interview and acceptance. Good luck.
  8. Hi, I was wondering what people thought about someone picking a research topic (biomedical research field) on a disease that they themselves have or someone close to them has. Is it an additional source of motivation, or is it too much stress/pressure? Are there any ethical issues? Thanks!
  9. Hi Guys, I know there are already a few threads on this but I couldn't find anything that is particularly current/relevant for my situation. I am looking into buying a new laptop soon after my coursework year at gradschool (in around 6 months time). Would mainly need it for office, running bioinformatics software, possibly for some data heavy work (genomics/proteomics work). I've been leaning towards an macbook air hopefully with an i7 and 512gb ssd or an asus model with similar specs. I've never owned a mac but have used some. My main reason for leaning that way is durability. I've gotte
  10. Kinda what I meant. For me I was working full time so I prepared for the GRE from around July (sat for it end August). I think thats early enough to prepare your shortlist. A few schools may change along the way.
  11. Hi Everyone, So I have been accepted into a PhD program on scholarship, but was a bit curious to know if there are any external fellowships that are available to internationals in the biomedical area/ HIV research area. Particularly those that can be applied for in the first/second years of a program. Does anyone have any experience or insight into this? So far I have just been doing random google searches and haven't had much luck. HHMI was discontinued and several others have very specific requirements. Is it just a major scavenger hunt? Or am I going about it wrong? Thanks in adva
  12. My advice; Sit for the GRE as early as possible, at least by August. Start researching schools at around the same time you start preparing for your GRE, so July/August. The GRE allows around 4 universities that you can send your score in for free. Write up your research/personal statement leaving enough time for 2-3 people to proofread it. I'd suggest at least one person who knows the field, one who is more of a writer/English major and one person close to you who would know if you are missing out on anything important. Select your referees carefully, give them enough notice
  13. I love how a side discussion on Peanut Butter emerged on this thread, which I'm reading while spooning blobs of PB into my face hole.
  14. Well this thread is quite intimidating. So many Ivy level schools. I'll be heading to Baylor in the fall. Good Luck to everyone!
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