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  1. jaaaayciee

    NYU vs. Undergrad Alma Mater?

    UNLV is definitely flexible with a full-time teaching schedule, but I am not sure that NYU is. I am going for a History Masters, so I figured that maybe I can try and email somebody to ask. Most people I have asked in other programs have said that majority of classes are going to be in the afternoon, so I did make an assumption, which might be silly in my case. My dad and I both have a plan set out in regards to rent, loans, etc. so I think that we should be fine, it's just more if it's worth it. I do plan on coming back to Nevada after I am done with the program, so would it be good to relocate for a couple years to experience NYC on my own? Which I know is hard to answer, but it just seems like such a big decision.
  2. I got into the History MA program for UNLV -- the school I recently got my undergrad degree, located in the city that I have been born and raised in. Even though I was bummed that I got rejected from all my other schools, I still was very happy and started planning on going to UNLV. However, I recently got the notice from NYU that I got in. So now I have a big decision -- I know that NYU is an amazing school, but it is very expensive, and I would have to deal with relocating and trying to deal with living in NYC. Both schools accepted me, and both schools did not offer me funding. I am a licensed secondary teacher for Nevada, and NYU has a problem where teachers with full-time teaching positions will get tuition cut in half. That brings NYU from $40k a year to about $20k a year, which is a big difference. At UNLV I would be paying about $8k a semester. What are your guys' thoughts?
  3. I'm now in the boat of patiently waiting for responses to see if I got into any of my MA programs. While I am waiting, I am considering what my options are for living situations. I definitely would want to rent out my own apartment compared to staying in student housing, but when I look at the prices of a one bedroom and two bedrooms, it makes me wonder if things might be better for me to find a random roommate depending on where I live or just try to swing it alone. What are everyone's thoughts?
  4. jaaaayciee

    About how long do I wait for a response?

    Thank you so much! Luckily, that's the earliest deadline date, so I still can prepare for other applications. it is just extremely nerve-wracking to have to wait, haha.
  5. I'm sure this is such an old question, but my earliest application deadline is December 1, and now that I am patiently waiting a response, about how long usually do the responses take?
  6. jaaaayciee

    A little oversight on my resume...

    I emailed a couple days ago explaining the situation, but nobody has responded yet. Guess I'll just play the waiting game.
  7. So I just sent in my first application for graduate school (much more of an exciting experience than I imagined), and when it came time to fill out my work history, the school asked for work history within the last twelve months. The only job I've had was for a year, during my freshman year of college. So I left that part blank because I haven't worked in about two years. However, after my application was sent and I started to look over everything, I noticed that my resume says that I still am working. I guess I never changed it when I quit my job, so it still says I am presently at that job. I know it may seem like a small thing, but I am just afraid that something like that will look really bad to the AdCom. Am I overthinking it?
  8. jaaaayciee

    To badger or not?

    One of my history professors said that he would be delighted to write me a LOR, and told me to email him a few weeks into the school year. I emailed him a couple days ago asking if today would be fine in the afternoon, and I have gotten no response. So I emailed him today checking to see if later today would work for him. Still have not gotten a response back. Seeing as how deadlines are still a little while away, this isn't pressing to make sure it happens only today, but if he doesn't respond, I am not sure what I should do. Should I keep emailing him? I don't want to annoy him, however, this does make me nervous since I would like to tell him my goals and show him my documentation which can help him write his letter.
  9. jaaaayciee

    Fall 2018 Applicants

    Unfortunately, most programs I heard about offer no funding, except in the cases of TA jobs being offered for only the second year. Aren't MA students typically used for cash cows for PhD students?
  10. jaaaayciee

    Fall 2018 Applicants

    Good luck!! Everybody says how selective NYU's programs are. I'm sure that competitiveness is magnified even more for PhD programs but I'm hoping that I have a shot for the MA programs.
  11. jaaaayciee

    Fall 2018 Applicants

    I am applying for History MAs this cycle, and I am applying to 6 schools (aside from my undergrad institution). Indiana University, NYU, Duke (its a reach), GW University, Temple, and UMass Amherst. My GPA is 3.7, I'm apart of Phi Alpha Theta, my GRE scores were 153Q 151V 5.5 AW, so I am a little nervous that my test scores will bring me down. However, I think I will have strong LORs and I am pretty proud of my statement of purpose, along with my writing samples (though I need to extend them a bit). If I get accepted, I would love to study how the roles of women of different social classes have evolved in Western civilizations. I'm honestly just crossing my fingers at this point, though. Good luck to everybody!
  12. jaaaayciee

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    I'm currently writing my SOP for my list of seven schools and I am sick of these schools with tiny word limits!! How am I supposed to tell you about myself, my goals, my professional and academic experience, and how your program will fit for me if you only give me 400 words to use?!
  13. jaaaayciee

    Major GRE anxiety

    So, I went to the bookstore and I bought two books (both books were created by Kaplan) that purely focused on the Math GRE and the Verbal GRE. I thought this was a little bit more helpful because I got two larger books that fully dedicate themselves to the sections compared to the huge, all-in-one book that I figured would have less information to squeeze in all sections. Because Kaplan is a lot more challenging, it will definitely help for the math portion -- I noticed that while the math portion on the GRE was challenging (for me, at least) a lot of the material on there was stuff I have already seen because of the Kaplan book. The Kaplan Verbal GRE book also has a HUUUUUGE list of vocabulary words that may or may not come up on the test. Verbal was my worst subject, but I know that the Kaplan book really helped me. At the same time, I think you should download the Magoosh vocabulary app. I would study it before going to bed and kinda quiz myself. These words are very difficult, do not underestimate them. Using the Magoosh app, the online class that you say you're enrolled in, and the Kaplan books are a good mix, I think. Either way, I think you will do fine. Have a goal, and work towards it. And if you don't reach that goal, it's alright, it will not be the end of the world. The GRE is extremely expensive, but you can always retake it. Even though it's really difficult, try and keep you head up. You got this! Stay dedicated and you will be perfectly fine!
  14. jaaaayciee

    Northeastern University Early Date?

    So then do you think that I should try applying anyway?? Or should I email somebody and ask further details? Good luck! I hope the Graduate open house goes well for you -- I'd love to go, if I wasn't across the country
  15. jaaaayciee

    How many schools should I apply to?

    I want to get a Master's in History, so I have been looking at schools I would like to go to online for years. Since then, I have made a list and it originally stood at about 15. Now, the list is down to about 8 after narrowing it down. I don't really want to waste the money applying to schools I know I won't get into, but at the same time, I don't want to narrow my options in case I am rejected by all the schools I want to go to. So what is a good number range of schools I should try and apply to?

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