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  1. Depict your achievements, not your defects. Many people here taught me this.
  2. Just curious about the profiles
  3. civitas

    EALC / EALAC / EAS 2019

    Wow. Since sending IELTS is cheaper... And what about GRE or undergrad GPA (from an overseas institution)?
  4. civitas

    EALC / EALAC / EAS 2019

    Well, although I'm a bit hesitated to say so, could you help me to determine which language score should I send to EAS programs? My TOEFL: R30/L29/S23/W28 (110) My IELTS: R8.5/L8.5/S7.0/W6.0 (7.5) Seems that both scores have their weakness..
  5. Dear all, I've finally got my IELTS score, with a 7.5 overall, 8.5 in reading and listening, 7 in speaking, and 6 in writing (awkward!). Meanwhile, I also hold a TOEFL score of 110 (R30, L29, S23, W28). I have no idea why the speaking and writing parts differ pretty much for the other, maybe due to my limited preparation time (2.5 weeks for TOEFL, 1.5 weeks for IELTS). Therefore the question naturally arises: which score should I send to U.S/Canada graduate schools? Or should I send both so each one may explain for the other? Besides, sending scores from IELTS is rapid and FREE, while TOEFL is slow and relatively EXPENSIVE..
  6. civitas

    EALC / EALAC / EAS 2019

    The best one is Columbia University's MARSEA, mostly due to its preference toward working experience. Some other choices: Cornell, Texas Austin, Indiana Bloomington, McGill. I'm applying for Harvard's School of Education, largely due to my related experiences and achievements in this field. Unfortunately, my GPA was too low in my undergraduate institution, therefore I have to take such a strategy. I wonder if I will be rejected by every graduate school lol. I haven't taken a GRE for now, yet as a Chinese student, my estimation is V155-160/Q170/AW4.
  7. civitas

    EALC / EALAC / EAS 2019

    Well, I have heard many of my classmates studying in other fields who have a requirement for publication when applying to graduate programs. I have no idea concerning EAS; few of my classmates published anything in journals even in Chinese, and I am from one of the most prestigious university in Chinese studies in China. What's your opinion about this?
  8. civitas

    EALC / EALAC / EAS 2019

    Your GPA sounds incredible for me. lol. Great profile! I'm applying for MA, so hopefully, the majority of my competitors are not in your shape. Despite having many working experiences in the private sector as well as the political reality in China, I really appreciate your profile. If only I have taken the exams seriously during undergraduate! I was running my own business then. My best wishes to you
  9. civitas

    EALC / EALAC / EAS 2019

    I wonder.. How is your profile if you are located in top programs? I'm a bit hesitated to apply them lol
  10. civitas

    Best Laptops for Research-- 2018

    Mac isn't a good choice given the limited budget. Also, if you are going to seek something lightweight, the performance shall definitely be compromised. Therefore, if you are not moving a lot, try to consider some 15" laptops with great performance (i7, 16G RAM, SSD). There are a good many cheap choices within your budget, even with a great graphics card (if you are going to do some deep learning stuff).
  11. civitas

    2019 Education Applications

    Welcome here! You are never late to continue your studies, especially in education. HGSE mentions that their eldest master student to be some 60+, while Ph.D. to be some 35+ if my memory serves me well. However, I'm also a bit hesitating about the source of LoR, and my situation is even more complex. I'm running my own business, although it succeeds in many senses, it seems that I cannot recommend myself. Shall I find some partners to write LoR, or simply find someone with Ph.D. or Professor title?
  12. civitas

    EALC / EALAC / EAS 2019

    That's quite true. Yet, as a bachelor without proper research experience and quite a lot of working experience (in China), shall I mention my affairs in the private sector as well as inside the Chinese institution? After all, I'm applying for an MA, not a Ph.D.
  13. civitas

    EALC / EALAC / EAS 2019

    Thanks for your answer. Therefore, what kind of experience do you think to be most beneficial for me to add to the SoP?

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