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  1. To those who received interview invitation to NU - welcome! Looking forward to meeting you!
  2. I got accepted by MAPSS this year, and believe that your background is quite enough for MAPSS. I heard that MAPSS is somehow more generous than MAPH in terms of awards, but don't expect it too much. Those with a full tuition waiver is usually capable of a Ph.D. program or even with offers from other places.
  3. Already accepted the CSLS offer from Northwestern. Anyone also going there? I didn't see any other results from Learning Sciences & CSLS here..
  4. Try to contact the professor at Minnesota and see if she wants to work with you. If so, go Minnesota; otherwise, go UTA!
  5. No, I don't think they will spend any time to explain the reason in the application season - but maybe you can schedule a call with them prior to your application to see which program fits you best.
  6. Find the program that matches you best - that is what I am doing right now.
  7. Got a rejection for TIE program - seems absurd as I already had an interview earlier this month - but it certainly has some points, as the AO told me that they don't have a corresponding PhD program, and very few people got into a PhD after the program. So, basically, I think I don't match the program...
  8. I can't tell which school actually visited my portfolio. I think most of the master programs don't have that kind of patience..
  9. I think it should be next Friday. Consulted with their academic calendar.
  10. I wish I could leave something for future applicants: don't simply believe their claim that they are weighing mostly on your portfolio. You may still get filtered by your undergrad institution, GPA, recommendation letters, and get zero portfolio visits throughout the game. Since you have no way to report your GRE, this time you have no way to compensate for your academic background. It may also be better if you have a chance to visit the lab in person and build some connections - without connections, it seems much harder to get in, or even simply get a glance at your folder.
  11. I heard another applicant from China said so.
  12. Update: the PI of Viral Communications gave me a very common response - they are still reviewing applications; they will contact if it is needed. I think it means an implied rejection...
  13. I think it is a generalized one, and it accompanies a deadline for me to confirm. My deadline was February 7th, and the interview date is 21st/22nd. I believe the date for LS must be different, can be a week later or so (of which I have no idea).
  14. If you are applying to a PhD program, it means you are out of the game. Otherwise, congratulations!
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