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  1. Hi all! Just got my interview invitation as well! I visited last November for an open class and I remember them saying that the interview is a very personal process. They want to make sure that people who do get in make a really good fit with the culture and team. There must be a high degree of passion and commitment for your cause. So I would agree with @homecookeddaal, be honest about yourself and your goals. Wishing everyone the best!
  2. Hi! I applied in the Design area, but haven't heard anything yet. Anyone got an appointment yet?
  3. Rejection email received. Only applied to LLK.
  4. No, I haven't gotten interviews nor page visits so far. I set up Analytics late, on mid Jan, so I'm not sure if there were any MIT visits before that. What about you? Last month of waiting. Best of luck to everyone!
  5. Hi all, I applied to the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the Media Lab for Fall this year. Just wondering about any insights or experiences about the interview process during Jan/Feb. Potential questions, presentations, etc? It must be completely different among each group but I'm curious about what other students have to say.
  6. I only applied to Lifelong Kindergarten. Any responses from any group so far?
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