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  1. ^^^This. If you haven't received any notification you should inquire through your department or the financial aid office.
  2. Hi Skadish, I received my rejection letter today. So far it seems that people have been notified of their decision this week.
  3. Hi angelperak and gretagarbo! I will be attending Northwestern this fall as a graduate in their Documentary in Media program. I've been to Chicago a couple times, but never in the winter. I'm excited about everything except their dreary weather. Nonetheless, I've only heard great things about the school and will visit the campus sometime in July.
  4. Mauve23

    Evanston, IL

    Does anyone know about the graduate housing at Northwestern? Englehart, McManus Living Center, Seabury....
  5. I was accepted to Northwestern's MFA in Documentary Media program!
  6. Congratulations bdepps! Exciting News! I applied there as well, but have yet receive any news of some sort. Did you gather any information on funding in your acceptance email? Also, is it one of your top choices?
  7. Mauve23

    I GOT IN!

    Congratulations! The best things happen when we least expect it!
  8. I just received an interview request from Northwestern for March 17th! It will be conducted on Skype with the Admissions Comitttee. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly!
  9. Weird. So I received another email today from Northwestern notifying that my application is complete. I received one in February, but this new one says that it has been forwarded to the Admissions Committee for review. I guess its still a waiting game.
  10. Nope. Although, I don't think Northwestern has begun looking at my application. I'm really curious how many applied to the program since this fall will be the first year.
  11. Hi Princemilo, I'm sorry to hear that you weren't accepted to UT-Austin, but hopefully your other two options will come through. I applied to both Duke and Northwestern's MFA progams, but I haven't heard back from either. When did you submit your applications? It's nice to see some film applicants on this thread!
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