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  1. just got into SVA Social Documentary ! let me know if anyone else is plannining on attending
  2. @vacancies thanks, and thanks for waiting this out with me on this lonesome forum! i am in talks to see if i can make the open house -- will definitely message you congratulations on nyu ! we did it !!
  3. @vacancies did you hear from them? me and my friend both heard back, I'm in!
  4. @vacancies hahahaha bunception = bunnies + inception I'm impatient as well. Keen on Columbia as it's the only school I visited and really liked. Then again, funding is a whole other beast.... Refresh refresh!
  5. @vacancies not at all! currently in chicago
  6. @vacancies i found it on the results page! here is the class of 17 overview: "The Office of Admission and Financial Aid received more than 900 applications for our four degree programs.In our largest degree-granting program, the full-time Master of Science, those admitted hail from 33 states and the District of Columbia. The top states represented among the admitted students are New York, California, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia, Florida and Connecticut. In addition, 32 percent of the class is international representing 41 countries, with the largest groups hailing from China, India, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Canada and Mexico.This year, 75 percent of those admitted to the M.S. class are female and 25 percent are male. In the Master of Arts class, 31 percent are male and 69 percent are female, with 70 percent coming from outside of the United States representing 22 countries. Of the four students admitted to the doctoral program in communications, one is male and three are female. Two are international students. We admitted 11 students into our M.S. dual degree program with Computer Science. There are five females and six males, with eight international students. In terms of racial diversity of U.S. citizens, more than 40 percent of the entire class identified as African American, Asian, Latino, Native American and/or Pacific Islander."
  7. I am! Hope you are too. I have not. Today's the day a lot of results came in last year... Nervous!!!!!
  8. Nice to hear! I've been wondering if no interview meant no chance. Yep I applied to Duke, fingers crossed for both of us
  9. Oh hey!! Hi everyone!!! Here are the documentary programs I applied to: Stanford - Interview, rejected, broke my heart SVA - Interview, pending Duke - NOTHING YET Columbia Journalism (Documentary) - Any day now....
  10. @kaiphi There are so many different ways of preparing for a graduate program in journalism, but I get the feeling Columbia's looking for writing ability and passion for storytelling over, say, someone who already has a burgeoning journalism career and doesn't need further instruction. So even if you haven't interned for a big-name publication, you can show passion and initiative by submitting clips from self-started projects. Just a suggestion! I'm no admissions person!
  11. @aulacrimosa Hey have fun at Medill! I did my undergrad there and loved every moment. The faculty and peer network I built helped me get great internships and an overseas reporting opportunity as well. Good luck!!
  12. @Aubreylmoore nada here too. I've read somewhere that they announce PhD candidates first, so maybe we'll hear something toward the latter half of March :-/
  13. @Aubreylmoore SO HAPPY TO FIND A FELLOW PHOTOJOURNALIST! I work in still and moving images, and emphasized the latter on my application to Duke. Do you know if they interview MFA candidates at all?
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