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  1. Yes, congratulations!! Has anyone here gotten a post interview offer from CalArts for the program in Art? I know photography and media have heard already but I haven't heard anything for Art.
  2. For lurkers who may have already received an offer from USC and those thinking of applying next year, there is an unconfirmed rumor going around that Frances Stark and Sharon Lockhart recently resigned over disputes concerning the allocation of funds. If it is true, it would be something to be aware of.
  3. I don't think you do a PHD because your work is going badly. It isn't about fixing things, it is about going deeper. There are a variety of programs that make it difficult to generalize--criticism such as "smells like money" would be best leveled at specific programs.
  4. You could choose to describe an MFA that way too!
  5. I will probably consider doing one in the future. I'm am particularly interested in exploring some of the longer, partially peripatetic, low residency-ish ones in Europe. Alpha-numeric, as far as I understand it, for an art practice PHD you take artistic research even farther than what you can do in a masters and it usually culminates in both a body of artistic work combined with a medium sized dissertation (in lieu of a single longer dissertation.)
  6. Nice, congratulations! Best of luck with your interview. Glad that USC's notification schedule will be a little less mysterious after this round. Just a note to anyone who may be new to this forum...for the benefit of future applicants, please post your results under the "submit results" tab at the top of the page (under the coffee cup). cheers.
  7. Uh what? Do you know that candidates for all program areas have been called/emailed? If you do please share.
  8. No idea. It's all one department...maybe results have to go to the grad division to be approved before notices go out, and then we hear as they process things...? not sure. Rejections and acceptances seem to come out all within a week or so regardless, and with no apparent pattern. We just have to wait and see.
  9. I don't think so. There is very little info on Gradcafe for USC, one year shows an interview request on Feb 28th but from what I can tell it seems like requests generally go out the first week of March. Congratulations mlk! So glad we are into March and the home stretch.
  10. So if there has been a UCLA acceptance I would suspect that they are just starting. In the past they seemed to have rolled out over the course of a week or so. I did notice yesterday that the format of the application status page had changed, but mine still says "To date, no decision has been made on your application." Good luck everyone.
  11. Congratulations fairweather! Sounds like your work here is done--if I'm reading your signature properly you've made your decision. All the best with your program.
  12. If you fill in the search at the top of this page you find what people have said for both programs. Good luck!
  13. Hey Shaoceptual, For future applicants (I don't think anyone else will be getting a call before decisions this year) and general curiosity: would you care to share what your convo with Catherine Opie was like? Edited to add: If you don't want to answer this, for any reason, I understand...just if you are so inclined.
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