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  1. Hi everyone-do any of you have advice/experience yet with declining a school's offer in a respectful way? schools are overseas so I will most likely email instead of call but wondering if anyone has advice about wording and if you should give them something detailed or keep it short and to the point? (For example did you include anything about forwarding thanks to your interviewees or mention it was a hard decision?) feel free to PM me if you'd be willing to share anything- I would greatly appreciate it! Getting a bit nervous to bite the bullet :/ thank you!
  2. Congrats @tynnifer! Was also accepted to Oxford this morning, maybe see you next year!
  3. @Rockya I've had a bit of trouble finding much information on UK schools as well--I don't think you can go *too* wrong with either of those choices, but I recommend finding some recent graduates or current students from both schools/departments online and reaching out to them with some questions. I've had some really gracious people respond, and their perspectives have been supremely helpful-albeit all over the map with some extreme positives and some extreme negatives Ultimately it will be a highly personal decision but it helps a lot to get recent perspectives from those who have gone throu
  4. Also accepted to RCA painting-what a relief ! Congrats @Owl1 !
  5. Thank you @mfinley6021 !!! That is actually super helpful advice already I appreciate it--and yes a great reminder to be prepared for any Lost-In-Translation moments (especially humor-wise) with the Brits
  6. Congratulations @MrBixler and @tynnifer--I also got an interview for the 8th for ruskin, so good luck to all of us! @mfinley6021 I have my interview w RCA next week--any advice? I'm quite nervous. And congrats to you as well!! Sounds like you have a lot of exciting options
  7. Hey @Owl1 congrats on RCA! I also got a painting interview coming up with them, best of luck to you! Did you apply elsewhere in London too? No idea how many people are being interviewed but if you do find out please share!
  8. Hi Palmtrees--sorry about Yale :/ but where in London did you apply if you don't mind me asking--and have you heard back from any yet?
  9. First time posting but this has been really helpful to read. has anyone applied to london schools and heard back from any other than the slade? thank you!
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