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  1. wow, got full funding package from UFL. Thrilling!
  2. Yay, accepted to Buffalo! Waitlisted for funding though, but they said I have high chances
  3. ahhh sweet. Received full funding from WVU, now I can breathe freely
  4. LOL one? Hopeless. Why reviewing applications till march then? They can just randomly choose someone and go on spring break
  5. Anyone heard from UIUC? It is said on their website that reviews will be finalized by mid-March, but I am wondering whether they interview applicants...
  6. turns out that my application at Buffalo was incomplete. And they told me about it the same day when you guys have received acceptance letters. Maybe there is still hope for me?
  7. Congrats, guys! Haven't heard from them anything, assume this is a rejection for what purpose they sent me info about documents that they need from me then.. Maybe I'm on a wait list.
  8. Buffalo sent me a list of documents that I need to provide after admission... whatever that means lol
  9. Hey! Have you heard something from Buffalo? They have visited my portfolio website like 10 times last week, so I am kinda curios what does it mean
  10. Also waiting to hear something from Tyler, but from Graphic and Interaction design program
  11. seems like our schools sent interview notifications simultaneously got an email from WVU, soo thrilling
  12. my portfolio site has been viewed by SUNY at Buffalo 5 times for the past week... hope this is a good sign, I really like their program
  13. It's said on their website that they don't divulge admission decision by both telephone and email, so we should expect our letter by post
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