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  1. So I called CSULB because I couldn't help it. Like I said I can't stand waiting. The grad adviser got in touch and said I was third on the wait list, and 2 of the primary admits weren't going to show up. Sooo yea I'm stuck on the waitlist. April 15th is when everything becomes official and she said it doesn't look likely that a spot will open up. I thought I would be devastated if I got rejected, but no, I feel okay. The pain was in the process, the wait, the pressure, but one thing that wasn't so painful was reading all the good news from this forum's members. I'll probably reapply
  2. So I hate waiting around. I was put on the waitlist for Csulb, but instead of just doing nothing I've decided to a. email my interviewer to thank him for considering me for admission b. Email grad school advisor/clerk to ask what number on the wait list and when will it end c. Go to Csulb check out their grad students gallery opening and campus d. Attend their art model workshops everyweek to show off and draw/paint circles around every1 e. Meet my interviewer, introduce myself in person (had a phone interview) and use my good looks and charm to sway the decisions towa
  3. I did my undergrad at art center. More of a design school. Best of the best for industrial design, but for fine art...no. Go to New York, just sayin.
  4. So much good news, I'm happy and relieved for all of you who got in. As for those that were rejected or wait listed, stay positive.
  5. Went to art center for my undergrad. No regrets, wonderful school.
  6. I agree 100%. The process is painful but there has to be a good reason behind it. They are prolly looking at 100+ applicants and you have to sympathize with them. Imagine yourself in their shoes; prolly aint easy. It's kool if I get rejected tho, honestly I'm fresh out of college and havn't begun anything significant. I applied banking on pure prospect, and if they believe in me than so be it. If not, than I wish the lucky ones the best. cheers!
  7. Today, exactly 2 weeks after my interview with Csulb, I am torn. While reevaluated the "meeting" I tried to decipher how they were feeling by picking up intricacies in their wording and critique. I memorized each question they asked, each suggestion, each compliment and each apology. I obsessed over what I said; was it good nuff? Did they think that I would be a perfect candidate for their school? Am I gunna get a friggin full ride and they were just trollin me so I won't stay complacent?! Or did they feel sorry for me cuz I really am fucked up?! Funny, I'm not sure I need them and they might
  8. I dunno how some reapply to the same school over and over. I'm not sure how I feel about being rejected. The person reading your statement of purpose, artist statement, and transcripts must know you very well by now. How would u reveal yourself anew after just one year? Either take a break, or redo/rework yourself into something revolutionary or apply to other schools. We probably would need to build new relationships as well, so that the recommendation letters can stay current and consistent with our new focus. BTW, I haven't got rejected yet. Just over thinking like a tortured so
  9. figurative drawing and painting at Csulb my one and only choice, and you're welcome. I know that we are all feeling the same way, we all have mutant x genes, and nobody understands us, but one of these days we'll reach paradise. Amen.
  10. Be grateful that u at least had an interview, many don't. And I had my interview 2 weeks ago too, but I still assume rejection. Why cuz they say that there is no room, and u have to be either be A) a Martian or B. Harry Potter
  11. You're very welcome. I'm happy my trolli sour candy personality is amusing. Like most, I can't wait for the wait to end. My heart is scarred from the process and rejected or not; I'm raising hell.
  12. I have reached a new low! Along with checking my app status and inbox 100 times a day, I've now begun to dig through my spam folder. The psychosis is overwhelming and if I have to wait till July ima need a heart transplant.
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