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  1. I deferred admission to CalArts last year, my financial aid package did not carry over, I was re-evaluated. But it worked out well as I was offered a bit more in financial assistance. Wish you the best!
  2. I was offered work study for CalArts, $2,500...enough to cover groceries for the year, I suppose.
  3. Has anyone heard back regarding financial aid? (CalArts)
  4. Hi! CalArts sent out their GD MFAa notifications on Feb. 15th last year; you'll receive an email to log into the application website to view the decision.
  5. Admitted into UIC--graphic design. I didn't expected to get this one. I thought I came off as too "odd" in the interview. Now to decided...UIC or CalArts.
  6. The trick is to tailor your portfolio to the job or in this case...the MFA program. What helped me was looking at what current students were making and deciding from there which programs aligned with my own design methodology.
  7. a couple of friends of mine were extended interview invites...about a week ago (2 year graphic design mfa)
  8. I logged into my application portal and there was a letter of acceptance waiting for me there (2 year gd mfa). It was uploaded today--still haven't received an email...but, no interview? Strange, considering I've never been to California and I wanted an the interview to scope out the campus to get a good feeling of the place and the people.
  9. has anyone heard anything from calarts or university of illinois at chicago?
  10. @theresamei exactly. Did u apply anywhere else?
  11. @theresamei i just started designing last summer. I come from a fine arts background. I believe I can grow more as an artist...adding a bit more variety in my work but especially in how I speak about it. This was my shortcoming, being so new to this field and not being able to fully elaborate on why my work is so visceral. Which sounds like an oxymoron. Who really knows. I'm happy they even gave a guppy like me a chance. :-)
  12. In my mind, I am already rejected. My chances of getting in this year are slim to none. I am already working on refining my work. It was some sort of fluke being granted an interview to this program. that being said, I did accept my wait list status and emailed them back. so I'm being realistic with the process, and I'm also waiting on risd to get back to me.
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