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  1. Do any of you guys have experience with deferment? Do scholarships normally carry though to a new term or are you re-evaluated?
  2. @sunflowerpower No, but I did email them and they said the graduate director and committee have met and decisions should be mailed out in a week or so. I got the response on the 14th. So hopefully they'll be mailed out this week.
  3. I think this Friday they are sending out a more official email.
  4. Accepted to Boston University painting via phone call!
  5. I just got a rejection email from Ohio State. Such a random time to send them out.
  6. Has anyone heard from University of Maryland college park?
  7. Rejected from university of Illinois Urbana Champaign
  8. Interviewed at Boston University in person today. It was pretty terrifying. I thought there would only be one or two interviewers and there were 8. Is that normal? I feel like I stammered a bit at first but did better towards the end.
  9. @PainterPerson My email and this forum. I still haven't heard from five of the programs I applied too!
  10. Has anyone heard from Ohio state or university of Illinois Urbana Champaign?
  11. Same here. I've been told programs tend to prefer applicants who have had time to develop their practice outside of academia.
  12. Is there some give away about the status of our applications via slideroom?
  13. @AndrewN I requested all my recommendations on the general application instead of slideroom, when I called the art department to see if this was an issue, I was told to just put my own email on the slideroom recommendation request areas. Now on slideroom it says all my recommendations were submitted on January 25th which is way later than when my professors had completed them so I figure the department just switched the recommendations over to slideroom for me.
  14. I just got invited to interview at Boston university. I'm applying for painting.

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