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  1. RISD Painting second year here. We just looked at slides of prospective students and cast our ballots (which don't mean much). I'm guessing you'll hear from them soon.
  2. i would just keep in contact with whoever lets you know you're on the waitlist. i checked in periodically. - yes i still received funding - im not entirely sure about the number of people - there is a ranking for painting, but i wasn't directly told where i was on that list, only that i was somewhere in the top spots i might have been persistent about checking in repeatedly, but it didn't seem to annoy anyone. but really all you can do is wait and see.
  3. yea i did. one of the faculty members that i was in consistent contact with throughout the process notified me of being on the waitlist, but said he only contacted the people in the top spots on the list, so given that i don't think any of my other classmates were waitlisted, i think i might have been #1. no way of knowing, but seems right. i think i found out i was on the waitlist the same week as those who were accepted outright. there's a decent chance that you can get in if you were waitlisted.
  4. no, i had a skype interview last year.
  5. pretty sure that's all done now. they had 30+ interviews last week.
  6. I don't know the exact time/day, but very soon. All I can say really lol.
  7. RISD Painting applicants should be hearing back soon I think, just fyi.
  8. I accepted Pratt's offer and deposited before hearing back from RISD, because I was also concerned about losing my spot. I ended up having to tell Pratt that I was declining their offer, and while I felt terrible about it, they were pretty understanding. As someone said before, the lack of a universal deadline for deposits/confirmations really puts people in an awkward position. In the end it's about what works best for you though.
  9. I finally decided on RISD, after a lot of back and forth. I feel really bad turning Pratt down, but I just think RISD is the better fit all-around for me. This will probably be my last update, so good luck to everyone next year. And to those who didn't get in, I was rejected my first round too, so no worries. Just keep trying.
  10. yea, everything about RISD (besides the price tag, but Pratt is even more) seems great. i'm having a convo with one of the program directors this week, so i'm expecting to get a bit more clarity about what to expect if i decide on RISD. i'd feel awful about turning down Pratt after all of this, but the living expenses in NY just seem to be an irreconcilable hurdle for me. i'll have to see what my financial aid package looks like with RISD before i can make a decision. did you go to RISD? any info i can get would be welcome.
  11. So I just received news that I got into RISD off the waitlist. Awesome news, but really throws a wrench into my current plans. Providence would be much, much easier to afford and move to, and RISD's program is obviously phenomenal. The (estimated) scholarship/assistantship/fellowship offer isn't too far off from Pratt's, and RISD is about $10k cheaper than Pratt overall, so off the top of my head I think it would be cheaper to go to RISD. Ugh. This experience has been extremely stressful. Not complaining, just venting.
  12. I accepted my offer at Pratt! Thanks for the good times everyone. Best of luck in the future!
  13. I just declined my Boston University offer, so hopefully this will open up a spot for a waitlisted candidate!
  14. well if you want to feel better about it, try searching for some Brooklyn apartments for a while, lol. it's a nightmare. but yea, i stayed with a current student when i interviewed there, and she lived with two other roomies in a nice apartment. so it is possible. hopefully someone at the school can help you out.
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