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  1. To Painters considering reapplying to MFA painting programs in the fall: If anyone has questions about reapplying to MFA Painting, particularly to schools like SAIC, RISD, Columbia, Yale, SVA, I'm open to answering questions all of this month - you can just private message me. I am not an admissions expert, but I did learn a lot about admissions and the interviewing process over my recent 2 years of applying. I can also offer a little bit of insight on what to do if you get rejected your first time applying / applying to your dream school / summer residencies / post-bacc programs / waitlists, etc. I told myself that once I got into grad school, I'd give back to this forum because I was completely clueless when I first applied, didn't have a BFA and so had few friends I could ask about the app process, and found the entire situation rather emotionally draining/drawn out longer than it needed to be. On hindsight, I'm very grateful that it worked out the way that it did because I grew a lot from the experience. This forum answered a lot of the questions that I had that admissions could not offer, or wasn't part of what I thought fair play should be in an application system, because art can be so subjective. Anyway, always happy to help!
  2. I have an offer and this makes me incredibly nervous... I'd like to write to the school and address my concerns, but I don't know if that will help at all, or just add to the flurry.
  3. Go to RISD, you won't regret it. Their faculty are AMAZING, Providence is AMAZING to live for 2 years. Good luck and enjoy!!
  4. They said there's a really qualified waitlist, so I wouldn't lose hope yet. I'm still waiting to receive financial aid info and can't make any decisions till after, but if I don't get any kind of help I may have to give up my spot. TBD, and best of luck to you, you have some pretty great offers!
  5. Got acceptance phone call today from RISD for Painting, now awaiting financial aid info. Help! Should I go to SAIC or RISD for painting?? Is one really better than the other, and if so how?? Any advice would be so so helpful, thank you!!
  6. Decided to join this lovely forum today Just got my painting acceptance in the mail from SAIC, yay! W/ scholarship Has anyone heard back from Columbia after interviewing last week? Have RISD/SVA interviews coming up, the process continues...

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