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  1. Anyone heard from Hunter post interview? I thought they sent out rejections and waitlists first and I saw a couple acceptances in the results archive but I haven't heard anything. Based on past years it seems like they send out acceptances kind of sporadically but this seems kinda late at this point.
  2. During my interview on the 9th they said we should hear back in about 2 weeks. So another week or so roughly? Good luck!
  3. I did Post-bac at PAFA. It was a great experience. The grad chair, Didier, is an amazing person and educator - not to mention super well-connected and a successful artist. The visiting artists are top notch and there are some other really great faculty members as well. Definitely a program on the upswing. The studios are some of the nicest I've seen, most 2nd year MFAs have big-windowed private studios with a gorgeous view of City Hall. Also, there is an annual NYC show curated by Didier and Josephine Halvorson comprised of student work from PAFA and BU. This year it's at Ann
  4. First post. I'm interviewing at Hunter on Saturday for painting. Planning on going to open studios tomorrow night and will let you know how it goes. Just to share my other stuff (first time applying): VCU - waitlisted BU - had a good interview (?), waiting to hear
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