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  1. I *think* it's pretty unheard-of to get off a waitlist before the April 15 deadline. In my understanding that time is kind of set apart to arrange students who received offers of admission and negotiate funding. I was waitlisted twice last year and ended up hearing that I got off and given an offer of admission in early June and got a rejection from the other waitlist in August (August 30th, seriously!). I did ultimately end up getting an offer of admission right after my interview at the latter school the next year (this year) when I reapplied though. So I guess through my very limited experience I'd sum up my outlook of waitlists as don't-hold-your-breath.
  2. That's *such* a good thought experiment- I'd definitely be more crushed if I got rejected from Columbia. Trying to parse out though if that's because of the perceived prestige attached to that school or how I actually feel about the program. I am in my heart more excited about Columbia, and if cost weren't a consideration my decision would be easy, but cost is such a consideration. Have your chats with alum been helpful?
  3. I've lived in New York for 7 years and have only ever visited Chicago, so I'd be biased when I say I still find New York a very exciting and weird and interesting place to be an artist, so if you're equally excited about both schools and tuition ends up evening out because of the higher cost of living in New York and are making a decision largely based on city, then I would vote for New York unequivocally. Also consider if keeping in close touch with the community you make at school is important to you, and maybe you can get a feel by chatting with recent grads whether most of their graduating class ended up staying or moving elsewhere. And this is of course impossible to know now, but where do you see yourself ideally living once out of school? If you plan to end up in New York anyways I'd say do school here, or, maybe you already live here and are sick of it and the time in Chicago would be pretty beneficial.
  4. Hi all, is anyone deliberating between Hunter and another less affordable but very good school, like Columbia, RISD, or SAIC etc? (I applied for painting but this question is for all disciplines). I received some funding from Columbia, but even with that, my total student debt there would be almost 4x than if I went to Hunter. (I currently have no student debt, and would pay in-state tuition at Hunter). Right now I'm keeping in mind Hunter's 3 year program and flexibility to start in Spring, among other personal considerations about which program I'm more excited about. Would anyone in a similar boat mind sharing some of your deliberation process and what variables you're taking in to account? I can't help but shudder at the thought of paying tens of thousands of dollars per year to be in remote classes if the virus is still running at the same clip come fall... Looking forward to more discussion!
  5. I got an acceptance call this morning from Columbia for Visual Arts (painting)- my interview was on Wednesday.
  6. Hi all, last year it was April 9 that I received a rejection from Skowhegan, and based on previous forums they send out rejections first, and then acceptances. So I guess let's all hope for no news tomorrow! Not sure if it will be the same this year, though. Also, does anyone remember the actual dates of the residency? Aside from "9-week summer program" I can't seem to locate the exact start and end dates.
  7. I just got the waitlist email from Columbia tonight...
  8. I would say, do the thing that you know you want to do in your heart, but that you’re afraid of doing. From the short paragraph you wrote, this seems like Emily Carr. I feel like we’re afraid of something because it’s new; it diverges from the thing we’re comfortable with. Is this not the point of grad school? You only get to do it once, and then you can move back to where you live now and pick up your previous life if that’s what you want. I wouldn’t base my decision on where to go on your current employment, because you’ll probably have to drop a lot of your clients/gigs anyways, while you’re in the program, no? And if you wanted to keep freelancing with these clients forever, why even go to grad school. Maybe a new environment will be conducive to making new kinds of work too. Anyways, just my two cents!
  9. Just got the waitlist email this morning!
  10. If you're sure you want to start grad school in the fall -that is, you would be happy starting at your second choice if you don't get in to your first- then I would do it. I did this when I applied to MFA programs a few years ago (I ultimately deferred), just to give myself the option, and it was no small deposit, I think it was around $800. Also given the laws of the universe once you've paid the deposit you'll probably hear back from your first choice school within 24 hrs I just think it all comes down to whether you're willing to do the application round again next year if you don't get in to your top choice, or if you'd rather start this year at your second choice.
  11. I haven't heard of any rejections, these were acceptance calls. They were my friends so they just texted me when they heard!
  12. Has anyone heard word from Hunter for painting? Rejections, acceptances, or waitlist notifications? I seem to remember (from last year) they all went out at the same time, around March 13th-15th.
  13. I’m still waiting as well! I called the admissions office last week and they said acceptance calls are going out until the end of March. Although I know that two interviewees got calls the weekend of interviews 😕
  14. Any painters here that interviewed at Columbia University yesterday or today? How did the interviews go?
  15. TheBarnOwl

    Yale MFA 2019

    Also a no for me. Congrats to all of those accepted and waitlisted!
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