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  1. Congrats you two!!!! You all bring me hope, crossing my fingers for next year! : )
  2. Congrats!!! So excited for you! Let us know how it goes!
  3. Douchamp and others, did anyone get in from this thread? Would love to know that one of us made it through!
  4. Just got my rejection too. Crossing my fingers for you all!
  5. BBQGGe, I think this is a really good sign for ya! : )
  6. maybe we all got in and that's why we havn't heard. 😏
  7. For those who submitted video have you seen plays at the end of March? If so, then they might still be on the typical time line and we might hear back early this week. 210benefit, oh snap, Chitra Ganesh is one of my all time favorites, she's a visionary!
  8. I did, but I always forget to screenshot the application, so that I can look back at which pieces I submitted since you can't get back into the portal. Did anyone submit with video?
  9. 210 benefit, do share. 👀 Kaji Irukazu, is Monday/Tuesday your best guess or did you give them a call?
  10. Okay y’all it’s that first week in April, the week we typically hear back from Skowhegan. Any bets on when we’ll get the email? I did notice that on their FAQs they changed it from saying we would hear back “in April” to “by the end of April”. Do you think that’s just to mitagate against all the calls they get around this time? It would seem bonkers to hear back about a 3 month residency that starts in June with only a month’s notice.
  11. Deposit sent. It is official! I will be attending MassArt in 2D Fine Art starting this Fall! Anyone else out their attending in Fall? Would love to start building a community!
  12. How did you guys find out you were wait-listed at RISD? Email, phone call, or mail?
  13. What is the proper etiquette for letting a program know that you are not going to accept their offer? Phone call? Email? Has anyone done this so far? Did you give your reasons or just respectfully decline?
  14. Yesterday, I got a call from Roger Tibbetts accepting me into the MassArt painting program!!! Anyone else on here hear from them?
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