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  1. Do you two plan to go to CCC?
  2. Got an interview request email from VCU photo finally
  3. I really wouldn't worry about it! It's totally possible they had a different set of questions for the Fine Arts MFA.
  4. Crazy that some other concentrations have already sent out acceptance letters but others apparently haven't contacted for interviews yet 🧐
  5. I had an interview with them and they also mentioned TA/Museum stuff. I am assuming the interviewers from yesterday might've been different than today which is why? Who did you interview with, @Karisjns ?
  6. I think last year VCU sent out photo interview requests third week of Feb, so hopefully next week
  7. Not yet but I have an interview with CCC this upcoming week.
  8. Just received an email for an interview at Columbia College Chicago (Photo)
  9. It seems like Columbia College Chicago had interviews previous years but the grad admissions said they don’t give them. Maybe that’s a new thing this year? Anyone applied there before?
  10. I also haven’t heard from VCU (film/photo)
  11. Let me know if anyone hears from VCU photo today! Hoping notices haven't been sent out for photo yet and that we hear today or tomorrow.
  12. Based on the few last years on the grad forum it's been the first Friday in Feb. that they announce interviews. Ah! When did you get contacted about an interview at VCU?
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