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  1. I eventually decided to go with RCA xD, since I like the location more. I didn’t email any of the alumnus in the same program yet, planning to find one to ask about the overall atmosphere at school and such. Thanks for your advices!
  2. Thank you xDD! And Pratt as well actually lol, so far only Parsons haven’t respond to me. How’s everything going for you? I’ve seen you’ve received two rejections so far, sorry to hear that , I think it is their lost to not accept such a supportive and cheering student..
  3. I'm tempting xD, bc I also got accepted to RCA painting. I know not much about these two programs, I can't fly there to have first hand experience, and I have limited resources online 😕
  4. I've been accepted to their painting program in March 12, hope the information helps ;D
  5. DuDE WhAt, I'm about to take their interview in Feb 18, I was quite confidence but now I don't know anything anymore xDDDDD''. Did they say any details of how the faculties questioned their works or their personality? And may I know which program they interviewed for?
  6. May I know how was the interviews went for them? I'm curious now because krvers said they can be arrogant... 😕 I'm an international student so I do feel anxious about my ability to express in English.
  7. One of my professors didn't reply for about 20 days, so I changed him to another professor, maybe you can do the same. Remember to tell the professor and the school though
  8. Congrats on the interview! I see you had an interview with RCA painting, may I ask which questions did they ask during the interview?
  9. rejected by SAIC via mail, the mail was sent by Feb 28, but I got the mail today, lol
  10. rejected by MICA illustration practice (MFA) anyone know how what to write to ask them what I can improve possibly in my next application?
  11. rejected by Boston U studio painting program, says they don't have enough seats for all the qualified applicants. received email today.
  12. congratulations!! They are both nice schools, I applied them as well, but I haven't receive any messages yet. May I ask how did SVA and SAIC contacted you? If it was through email, is it the same email address that they send random program ads?
  13. I applied to four schools for drawing and painting this year and so far my email has been silence from the programs I've applied. I saw a few people got interviews from SAIC painting a month ago, but I got non. Does the date I submitted my application matters regarding early or late I receive the result? I submitted my application near the deadline, fortunately in time. For people who received direct emails from school, do they send the email through the same account that they use to send ads or a different account? I'm wondering whether or not I blocked their ads or not, and I certa
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