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  1. MFA 2017 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!

    Hello, yes I'm considering SAIC as well! Do you have insights about this school? I'm pretty much reaching out for every bit of information I can get.
  2. MFA 2017 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!

    Anyone here applied to SVA MFA illustration? I really like the courses they offer, but there is ridiculously little information I can get from the internet, and all the reviews about this school are not as nice as I expect-- since they have a relatively expensive tuition I expected more. SVA was my first choice but now I'm not sure. Then I considered Syracuse, but little information as well... Do I cold mail to the students that's in these schools? I'm mainly looking for illustration programs near NY but Fine Art programs that includes drawing and painting are good as well if I end up with no illustration programs to choose. Usually I include Psychological concepts in my drawings, and do not want to only draw in traditional way, so traditional school are off limits. I got a bachelor degree in Visual Art, and I'd like to be more professional in whatever I'm working on.
  3. Illustration, anyone?

    yes thank you for the reply! some program I look into are based on traditional materials, like the one Syracuse offers, and SVA. Schools in which area are you interested on the most?
  4. Illustration, anyone?

    Hello every body! Newbie here, I'm freshly graduated from university which my major is Visual Art, the long of learning more then I have taught has been bothering me for approximately 2 years. Plus Visual Art is not technically a specific enough category to stop at in my career, so I figured I'd like to apply to the illustration graduate programs on fall 2018. But here comes the question, I don't have any information for illustration programs besides the school websites and other internet stuff, I don't know what kind of portfolio to submit, I have oil/ acrylic/ digital painting/ watercolor/ charcoal, etc, but which kind of stuff I'd want to be in my portfolio in order to proof my skills?. What is the ratio of still life and actual illustration? My mind is full of questions that needed to be answered. So anyone is on the same boat or have been through all these can give me some advices/ struggle with me ? by the way, the schools I've came up so far are SVA/Pratt/Parson, is there any other great illustration programs around or inside NYC?, I've been heard a little about the illustration as visual essay graduate program in SVA. Do they actually that good? I wish I could go and check it out myself, but I live on the other side of the earth which is kind of inconvenient ; ;