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  1. I feel your pain. Felt good after interview for about 2 min then started second guessing everything. I didn’t say one intelligent thing.
  2. So what are everyones thought on settling for your safety school vs trying one more year for your dream school?
  3. Just got interview with MassArt Low Res, waiting on Bard
  4. This was several years ago but, for what it’s worth, a good friend of mine who was later accepted to Yale made all new work for his interview. No pressure ?? I feel like that is a question you shouldn’t worry about asking your point of contact there. At this stage they are interested in you so you shouldn’t feel like you are harassing them or anything. good luck and congrats!
  5. Has anyone heard from Bard painting, SVA or MASSART? im getting really nervous/nauseous. I feel like the Bard ship has sailed. ☹️
  6. Anyone hear from MassArt (MFA lowres), SVA(MFA Art Practice lowres) or Bard? This waiting is truly horrible.
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