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  1. ACCEPTED TO NORTHEASTERN!!! For an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. PINK MOON is real. Also, I still have an application going on at SACI in Florence. But I think I'm good with Boston.
  2. My UNLV application went from "under departmental review" to "pending decision" Not giving me anxiety or anything...
  3. @felixo I am aware an MFA is barely a middle class life specially in more expensive bigger cities, but however pessimistic people want to be about it; teaching is a reliable way to make a living while working in the ART field. That said, I have already realized College isn't the source of wealth, STEM careers are at an advantage there. I believe starting a small business will be the surest source of economic growth, but until I have the funds and credit for it, a stable decent job is a safe bet. I know MFAs are not enough, big name institutional jobs go to phds. Also, I think PhD's teach
  4. I'm 26, an would not want to wait either, if I don't get into the schools I'm waiting on, or the funding is too little to be able to do it... I'll just look for programs in Germany, their winter semester applications are april to june. I am quite worried about jobs that may come from it, but I want an MFA. I say go for it if you can afford it, if it's too difficult look for spring admission/ rolling admissions, residencies or programs abroad. That's my two cents.
  5. THANK YOU. This is the most nuanced response. Great points on the extra opportunities and realistic career vs fulfillment balance on making the mfa choice. But seriously, I should not have said Barista and made fun of decent hard working people.... All I am saying...is that it is still too close to minimum wage for people with degrees and debts. Not all service jobs suck, there's more expensive cities where people don't mind getting paid in tips and where there is more tourism jobs etc. but in general the service job economy sucks and the lack of opportunity got Trump elected.
  6. I do not discredit "growth" outside of academia, but I myself, tried to find "stable job" careers in undergrad and hated them switched around a lot even studied marketing for 3 years before going for a BA in studio art. I have been a painter since I was 12, so I'm pretty sure I know I want an MFA, but it does have to be said that in any other career you expect a lot more job choice, so teaching and maybe marketing jobs with an MFA is better than trying to make it with a "BA studio art" degree. In a lot of cases what people find are dead end jobs, or unfulfilling jobs. (not to just make fun of
  7. I respect your background, but could not disagree more. I hate this stereotype that "the real world" made you better, whatever, Art can't just be a career for "hungry" and poor. It needs to also be a viable career choice and for a lot of students/artists that means having access to higher income/health insurance of teaching at university level or just a better job than a bachelors can get you. I think it's so vitriolic to hear people say how you need to be hardened to appreciate art, yet so much postmodernist bullshit work is shit mediocre art that is disconnected from the public and ofte
  8. Thank you Echo, I will look into those, I have not considered European schools yet, I'm holding my breath for UNLV (Vegas) and SMFA (Boston), I'm pretty sure I'll get good news. BUT if I don't get in, since I have student loans, if I do end up needing to look for other options it needs to be a school that participates with the US for an "in-school deferral" of said loans. Most in Germany are on the list. And on top of that, it needs to be an English taught program; I might even look beyond art. But I'm not there yet. I think UNLV is my best hope because Boston is much more expensive and c
  9. I'm having second thoughts about the cities I might move to, but if I don't get into those programs I'll be scrambling for Winter session admission in Germany or elsewhere in EU. So, I think you have normal nerves and should focus on your professional goals, expensive city or not. So happy I'm not the only one feeling left alone in a desert with no water.
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