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  1. ZahP

    Santa Cruz, CA

    Visiting but others poc's that lived there confirmed what I was feeling.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm entering UCLA DESMA this Fall 17 and I'm just doing a roll call. It would be soooo nice to have some friends already by the time I move. Feel free to write here and PM me, Also I'll be looking for a roommate soon pref in arts. Congrats everyone!
  3. I was accepted to UCSD but ultimately decided to go somewhere else due to fit. For you however it sounds like a really good match.
  4. ZahP

    Santa Cruz, CA

    Just fyi as a black girl when I went to Santa Cruz I felt like I was in get out, the tension was weird and uncomfortable- I didnt feel safe at all.
  5. What dept are you applying to? Did you try emailing the graduate coordinator?
  6. Notified of fellowship (Graduate opportunity fellowship) confirmation by email March 24 for Desma. Is anyone else here going to UCLA? I would love to talk more about it and organize
  7. Oh yesh, it was the graduate opportunity fellowship. My bf is international so I totally get it but you're doing so well and I love your work!
  8. I was accepted to every school I applied for o.o now where's the forum on how to negotiate funding?? o.o
  9. USC Interactive Media and Game Design, UCLA Design Media Arts, UCSC Digital Arts and New Media, NYU Tisch Arts Game Center, UCSD Visual Arts. So far I've been accepted to USC, UCSC and NYU- I interview with UCSD this weekend and expect to be accepted to UCLA in the coming weeks as the interview went really well
  10. The professors are good, the resources are not and Austin has no art scene whatsoever. I just felt isolated but it wasn't terrible 3/5 stars
  11. Congrats, I think you're an odd duck like me. I do artgames so not many people in this forum are applying to the same programs even though it's an mfa- and the media arts forum is a ghost town
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