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  1. Did anyone else just get an out-of-the-blue email acceptance to SVA's visual narrative MFA? I did -- twice (one to my artist email, one to gmail) -- and I NEVER APPLIED THERE. Either this is a huge-ass mistake... or else they're really, really desperate ?
  2. congrats, your work is solid. hope you get what you need from them.
  3. SAIC offered me $16k per year (which I believe was need-based; also had 0 estimated contribution); got the letter this week. Personally, for me, that's not enough, because tuition alone is ~$48k, not to mention living expenses, so loans on the order of $40k/year would have to make up the difference -- totally beyond my comfort zone. But I hope they give you what you need!
  4. I've said it before, I'll say it again. LOL @ methodology: "The rankings of Master of Fine Arts programs, completed in 2016, are based solely on the results of a peer assessment survey. Deans and other top academics at 229 Master of Fine Arts programs in art and design were surveyed in fall 2015 by Ipsos Public Affairs. "Survey recipients – one per school – were asked to rate the academic quality of fine arts programs on a scale of 1 (marginal) to 5 (outstanding). Scores for each school were totaled and divided by the number of respondents who rated that school. The response rate was 29 p
  5. Congrats! I'll cross my fingers for you. I know a few people who went there and have done quite well for themselves in the NY art scene after graduating, including a former studiomate who was incredibly instrumental in making me decide to go for an MFA. (:
  6. Got a call with an acceptance from SAIC's performance department this morning! So excited about SAIC. I absolutely loved interviewing there; the department organized open studios on the eve of interviewing as well as a full day of events for us on the interview day. It certainly wasn't "show up for your appointed half hour, then leave." Really fantastic people all around (including my fellow interviewees, some of whom were incredibly impressive people). No word on funding, though. I'm assuming that if I were the lucky one in the department to get the full ride, they would've said so. :|
  7. Yup. Finished it last year. It was a very good experience overall. Perhaps not the rigor of going to a one-year full-time program at SFAI or SAIC or whatnot, but it's a fraction of the cost, and some of the teachers at UCBX are stellar. Send me a PM with any particular questions you may have.
  8. Aw, you're sweet. (: Fingers crossed for both of us! How's everything else going for you? Are you actually heading on over to Oxford?
  9. Got an email telling me I'm on Cornell's waitlist. Which, admittedly, is a bit better than I thought I'd do, heh.
  10. Ha, no, haven't been to Champaign-Urbana since I made it to the state science fair in eighth grade. I did chat with a couple of the people from UIUC at SAIC's portfolio day in November, though.
  11. Wowow!! Love her work! Cornell and Notre Dame are the only two that I can think of that no one's heard from thus far this cycle.
  12. ha, seriously, I was starting to think I'd have to wait another year. How's Vermont?
  13. That's really odd, but hey, at least you're not out the application fee. Maybe we'll cross paths in Urbana?!
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