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  1. They've already started informing people of acceptances today. I was notified by phone; I interviewed on Tuesday and I know for a fact that Wednesday was the last day of interviews (they interviewed at total of 28 for the studio program over a three week period). I was also contacted via phone for the interview (they emailed after I missed the call).
  2. Fingers crossed on that! I applied to years ago (back when I had no business applying for a number of reasons) and I vaguely remember hearing back in May....
  3. Did anyone apply for ISP or Core? I know Core results won't come out for a while but I'm wondering when the interview requests for ISP will happen--maybe next week?
  4. Rejected again, but made it to the final round of reviews (again)....I just feel like they should take into consideration if you've already "made it to the final round" before. That being said, I'm pretty sure I won't be applying again....I can't deal with the anxiety this induces and I doubt I'll have another summer where I can take 9 weeks off for an unfunded residency (technically I can't do that now, haha). Good luck to the rest of you! -C
  5. you actually have the option to download the entire application before submitting--I do it each time so I can remember what I submitted (since this is my third or fourth try....😔) I also, for the first time in a while, added descriptions for all the pieces.
  6. they seem pretty behind on things this year---they still haven't announced the faculty for this summer. that being said, I do hope they let us know this week or next at the latest.
  7. Entirely right. Not only that, but being the only black student in a program can be and often is frustrating because people often think we get special treatment because we're underrepresented, which isn't true. There aren't fewer POC in MFA programs because the work isn't "as good" or "competitive," it's because the art market and academia in general is not set up to value or to be able to support the work/interests/concerns of non-white students (or LGBTQ students, don't get me started if you fall into both categories), and that's a CHOICE programs/universities make to continue to not be supportive or, if they do target POC, to do it in a way that isn't actually truly considerate. Moreover, one's peers aren't often equipped to have conversations about these issues that don't end up being anecdotal either so....my advise is to choose as school that located within a diverse and vibrant art community so that you have the opportunity to branch out and form the community you need elsewhere.
  8. cpw0021

    Skowhegan 2017

    i was rejected too. But my email said I made it to the final round of review so I guess that's good although that also sucks to know I was that close.... I was hoping you'd get in Gato because, if i remember correctly, you got to the final round last year. Hopefully next year will be our year!
  9. UC Irvine covers full tuition and fees, and about $800-$1000 per month for TA ships (which you have only two quarters out of the year). Fellowships are available through the graduate division though (diversity and recruitment fellowships), as well as travel grants, etc.
  10. I was waitlisted too. congrats @mlk!
  11. Oh but that's encouraging-- you'll definitely get in next time!
  12. I will. It's probably better to wait and do it during grad school anyway (so I've been told) so that your program will fund it. Good luck for next year and have fun at Tyler!
  13. it's a standard letter, I think: Thank you for your application to the 2016 summer session at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a spot in this year’s class.We were extremely impressed by the applicants this year and found the review process to be extremely challenging. With over 2100 applicants, while it was continuously exciting to see the work that is being produced around the world at this moment, it was without a doubt our toughest jurying process yet. On behalf of the Board of Governors, faculty, and staff, we deeply appreciate the time you spent preparing your application.The application process often offers an overview of what is happening in art in any given moment—please know that your work and the work of your peers is contributing to an important dialogue. We hope you will continue to seek out opportunities and communities to support your practice and your voice. We wish you the best of luck with your work and thank you for your patience throughout the review process.
  14. Did you apply early? Maybe that's it? I applied during the first deadline though and my number is 219. I hope this isn't ranking! :/
  15. Well, I don't have to worry about that. Just got my rejection email. Good luck everyone!
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