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  1. Just emailed you, Lisa! Excited to hear back!
  2. That's great to hear! I've found out recently that my professor, the one that I'm really close to, has a former student that teaches there, so I'm hoping that might help my odds. Looks like a great school, for sure. And the price is a big deal for me, also! Glad you had a great experience there.
  3. Thanks! I've had a lot more time to think about some of these questions and mature in the past months and I agree with the resume thing now and I know now especially that I'm far more concerned with working closely with the faculty and I will definitely be applying to Bard along with some other schools that have come up on the radar recently. Good luck to you also!! I hope everything goes well for you
  4. Thanks for the advice! I know I need to do visits and expand my search some. It's been hard with the busy schedule since I graduated in May, but maybe if I only do the residency next year I'll have more time to travel. The free advice sounds great, for sure. Thank you and good luck with the schools you've applied to!
  5. Hi! I have concerns about beginning the application process this next year, and I would be very grateful to anyone having the time and kindness to offer advice. I'm interested in Cranbrook. I'm hoping to concentrate in sculpture in grad school, and their sculpture department's work looks incredible, and a professor I trust recommends them highly. Does anyone have any experience with Cranbrook, either having applied there, gone there, known anyone else who has any experience? I'm wondering not only if it is the right fit for me, but what sort of financial aid they offer, and very important
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