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  1. Just received my formal acceptance to UW Milwaukee - MFA in Film! Full tuition remission + teaching assistantship. Should hear more about funding in March. So happy and relieved. Still waiting to hear anything about my other two applications. Good luck to everyone who has been waiting and waiting and waiting like I've been.
  2. Good idea to send a short, friendly thank you email after any interview (job, university, otherwise).
  3. Was just informally accepted to UW Milwaukee Film, Video, Animation, & New Genres
  4. Hey there. This forum has given me so much so I wanted to give back. I contacted U Mich for an update and received a very nice email back from graduate admissions. They have already reached out to top candidates for interviews but said I was 'reserved for a potential interview.' Crossing my fingers that I get an interview! If anyone here was selected as a top candidate, congrats and good luck!
  5. Has anyone heard from U Michigan, U Iowa (film), UW Milwaukee (film)? (Are decisions taking forever this year or is it just me?)