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  1. So after months of complete silence, I got a suuuuper late acceptance to OSU. Turns out I was floating around on their waitlist. Would have been nice to know something a little earlier... I ended up accepting the offer to University of Maryland. DC-bound! Best wishes to everyone who is still deciding, and to everyone who will be applying next year.
  2. Ah, okay. So just to clarify, you've received some sort of communication via email or otherwise with a funding offer? Just making sure that's what you meant
  3. I've been awol from the forum for a bit, but was curious to know whether anyone who was accepted to UPenn have heard back about funding. I've narrowed my decision down to two schools and the choice is basically killing me at the moment, so I've been avoiding gradcafe a bunch. Hope everyone else's decisions are going well!
  4. Question for some of you who might be doing "accepted student" school visits (or anyone with an opinion on it)- What are your thoughts regarding taking significant others along during open studio/open house events? On the one hand, I want my partner to be able to check out the campus, etc. On the other hand, perhaps it's best to go on my own since they're doing tours/happy hour/stuff like that and I'm not sure if it would be awkward, or how formal things would be. Has anyone come up against this yet? When I did informal school visits and toured various departments, I definitely ditc
  5. Ah, okay. Does your application status read "pending" on your OSU portal? Thank you for the additional info!
  6. bb123, can I ask how you found out that you were waitlisted at OSU? My application status has read "pending" forever and I'm going bonkers. I know acceptances went out, so no feeble hopes on my end, but I am bummed about being in limbo with zero word.
  7. Well gee willikers, I got into The Slade in London! ...With noooooooo funding. But it's neat to know I got in.
  8. Best wishes for your interview! Enjoy our mutant February Summer weather, haha
  9. For the schools I have been accepted to, two of them included funding info in the letter and one gave me the "we're just starting to look at the funding info right now" answer. So I guess it varies.
  10. Thank headinspace and @MrBixler! Headinspace, it was a little scary actually. I had a missed call from Josh Mosley around 6pm my time on Tuesday night (which was 9pm Pennsylvania time) and by the time I got the message it was too late to call back. The message just said that he wanted to have a brief chat with me and to call him back. I did not manage to touch base with him until the following evening so I spent a whole day freaking out about whether I got in, or they were calling about an application error/missing transcript, or I don't know what. But yeah. The "TL;DR" version is t
  11. Honestly, I would email the program and ask if you're unsure. It's not a stupid question, and you can even explain in the email that different schools seem to have very different expectations as far as what to bring to the interview so you just want to make sure. There's no way they'll go "well, you should just know the answer to that!"...and then you'll have the answer for anyone else who's going to interview at Hunter and you'll be a hero :).
  12. Soooo I got unofficial word today that I got into UPenn! No word on funding yet, though. @looingk glad your interview went well with UW!
  13. Thanks @Relm! Edit: Whoa Relm, just saw that you got into UIUC!! Congrats!
  14. Just got notification that I was accepted to University of Maryland, College Park! Now to decipher the funding letter...
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