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  1. Undergrad Institution: Top 5 in JapanMS Institution: Top university in Japan Major(s): Biology (BS), Biomedical science (MS)GPA in Major: 3.57 (BS)Overall GPA: 3.47 (BS) (started undergrad without knowing Japanese...so I guess I should be happy that at least I didn't flunk any classes?), 3.93 (MS)Type of Student: well, I am a US citizen but I received all my education in Asia, so I'd be applying as a domestic student but not sure how the admission committees would judge me.GRE Scores :Q: 170V: 149W: 4.5Research Experience: (At your school or elsewhere? What field? How much time? Any publications (Mth author out of N?) or conference talks etc...) Total research experience: 1 year full-time undergrad, 2 years full time master degree (graduating next spring) working on computational biology(gut microbiome related), within it a 3 month research internship in France (microbiology). No publications Awards/Honors/Recognitions: (Within your school or outside?) Full scholarships for both BS and MSAny Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: I was an interpreter for some professors/government people for their visit in Japan. (Not sure if this counts as an accomplishment)Special Bonus Points: (Such as connections, grad classes, famous recommenders, female or minority status etc...) don't think soAny Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: Volunteer experience, TEDx staff, Chinese/English tutor, 2 year of community service(kind of) Don't know if these matter for PhD applications though Applying to Where: (All microbiology related) Harvard, MIT, Cornell, UCSD, Duke, Chicago, UCI, MIT-WHOI, WashU I haven't heard back from any universities , I guess it's my low GPA and lack of publication... Perhaps I am aiming too high
  2. Has anyone heard back from Chicago Bioscience (Microbiology), Cornell Microbiology or MIT Microbiology?
  3. Same here. I don't see how it can be a good sign. On the side note I'm pretty pessimistic towards life in general so maybe other people would find it a good sign?
  4. Hi, I am applying for PhD programs this year and I have filled out most of my applications. Currently, I am doing my master degree and I filled in my degree information as Master of Science for the applications. However, I just learned that I could choose between Master of Science and Master of Medical Science for my degree. Since all students in my master degree program graduate with a master of medical science, I will probably do the same. I was wondering if it will affect my filed application if my degree turned out to be master of medical science instead of master of science? Should I email the admissions committee now? Or is it ok to inform them if they decide to offer me an interview? Thanks!
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