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  1. I'm going! This will be my first KZoo and I can't wait. If only the semester would be a bit kinder...
  2. My understanding is that everything goes out right around the same time, including waitlists for PhD and MA--I'm not sure about rejections. I know of two offers that went out for rhet/writing but I'm not sure if more than that went out or if more are yet to come--I do know there was a delay of about a day between the first acceptance being issued and the second. If you have any questions, please let me know! I'm a currently Ph.D student in the department at UNM and I'd love to tell you all the fantastic things about the faculty, staff, grad students, and university. I'm a fairly cynica
  3. I know rhet/comp has started to let people know as of last night.
  4. I go to UNM. Let me know if you have any questions! I know a little about admissions, for what program did you apply?
  5. Can we talk about going to conferences? Because I love talking about them almost as I love going (aside from the expensive hotels, registration fees, etc.). Anyone presenting anywhere soon? Personally, I'll be giving papers at the International Congress for Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo this May and the International Medieval Congress at Leeds in July; beyond that, I'm still waiting on hearing back from MLA, RMMRA, and considering putting in a proposal for Medieval Academy of America but let's be real, the odds of getting into that are slim.
  6. Excellent! This will be my first time attending/presenting at each but I'm pretty damn excited. And I have grants to cover them. Life is good.
  7. I realize this is from forever ago, but I'll be at both KZoo and Leeds giving papers on the Exeter Book and women and monasticism, respectively. Any news for you?
  8. Anybody going to IMC Leeds this year? Kzoo? I miss talking with other medievalists on here! Hope everyone is happy in their programs!
  9. Thank you both for your feedback. Here are a few answers to some questions/concerns you've both brought forth. Typically, the committee you choose for exams tends to be your dissertation committee; I say "tends to" because I know of only one exception to this at my university. Typically to the three will be added one outside reader who is from a different university. I like the idea that you mentioned, TakeruK, about having younger members on the committee that would understand job anxieties--that's a really good point. In my field, prestige is somewhat prevalent and I also thought having som
  10. I don't want to get too specific here because a) it's unnecessary and b.) it would be nice to have some anonymity. I'm at the point where I need to start thinking about the people who will issue the exams I will take in order to become a doctoral candidate. I have two of them worked out securely and am very happy. The last member is the bit that's throwing me. Here's the deal: one professor is older, more well-known, and of Oxbridge pedigree; let's call him professor A. This professor seems to be the "default" for most people in my field as he is well known and very knowledgable. His interest
  11. I had a similar experience with my master's program and thesis--I didn't necessarily love the grading, but it was often a break from writing which was much needed. Thanks for your input.
  12. Tried to up vote this, but I've reached my positivity quota for the day. I hadn't thought of auditing Latin--definitely something I'm going to consider.
  13. How would the number of classes I take be cohort dependent? Again, I asked other GC people who are in my field their experience. I did not ask "who should I contact to figure this out" seeing as how I have heard people in my department do a variety of things and there isn't a hard and fast rule. Don't assume because I've posted a question on a website that I haven't done anything else. This is a bit ridiculous.
  14. I'm thinking about it, Zinc. I would be worried if these topics (Latin/Anglo Saxon) were brand new to me, but seeing as how they will be mostly review, I might take a leap of faith and go for them. We'll see. I'm going to an orientation for my department next week and might have a chance to ask some of the current Ph.D's' what they've done in the past.
  15. I'm not asking which courses I should take--I'm asking if other Ph.D students have taken similar loads and whether or not they have found those loads to be too overwhelming the first term of their Ph.D. Having completed an MA and taught a 1-1 with a three class load, I know that that was doable--I'm merely inquiring of other Ph.D students in English programs whether or not they've done 3 and taught a 2-2 or thought that was something that would be too much work right off the bat. Also, if you don't mind my asking, why comment on the English forum if you're already in a geodynamics program, esp
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