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  1. I'm a MWU SLP student and am helping out with some of the lunches/interviews! Looking forward to it! Good luck!
  2. Hi onedayslp! Those are really good questions and I wondered the same thing before I decided to go to MWU. The program is cleared to be accredited but cannot have accreditation until their first class graduates. Therefore, this spring, they will be able to be accredited. They have passed all of the steps in order to be accredited. So, no worries there! There isn't a ton of evidence when it comes to a "newness," all of the faculty members have worked at other institutions and are really passionate about MWU. The facilities are amazing. We are serving in a brand new multi specialty clinic (dental, Speech therapy, family medicine). The SLP students have their own classroom in which all of the classes besides clinic classes are held in. We are also able to check out therapy materials from our classroom via an electronic check out system. It's really awesome because you can take them home and prepare for sessions and bring them back when you're finished. The faculty view themselves as mentors for the SLP students which is great because of the intense coursework. They're all really great and I'm so thankful that I was accepted to this school! I strongly recommend the program!
  3. I was creeping on the forums and saw you're applying to Midwestern! I love it here
  4. I can't believe my move is in the single digits! Now that I've finished up my summer semester, I can pack freely and figure out how to acquire the $750 for my books!

  5. I have a pretty strong feeling that the next 2 and a half weeks are gonna fly by incredibly fast... almost too fast to get everything done...

    1. Threeboysmom


      I understand this feeling. As anxious as I am to get started I really just want to enjoy the last moments of free time.

  6. I wish my block schedule would get posted soon!

  7. I got my orientation schedule! Crazy that it's getting close!

  8. I did my prereqs through Utah State and was able to do a full course load while working a full time job. I think it all depends on how much you think you can handle. I would do a lighter course load the first semester and if you think you can handle more, you could add more for the second semester!

  10. Um, talk about crazy... I move to Chicago in less than a month. oh goodness!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ahlatsiawa


      Haha I just said it in good humor. I know it's equally exciting/challenging for everyone starting grad school, no matter where they are coming from. Thanks and good luck to you too.

    3. arthritiskid


      Oh I'm sorry that I read that the wrong way, reading humor through text is always difficult for me! I do wish you the best of luck as you move! Hopefully everything is coming together for you as you prepare! :)

    4. ahlatsiawa


      It really is. I'm much more excited than nervous to be making such a big move.

  11. Hey onedayslp! I was also an out of field applicant with a BA in psychology. I ended up choosing to do my prerequisites so that I would one, get a little experience in the SLP area and two, so that I could add those to my application. I was also a nanny, and I think that helped out my application as well. Though you do have a chance getting in without prereqs, it may be worth it to take a couple before you start the application process. I started my pre requites this past fall and was able to get wait listed and then accepted to my top choice program and I couldn't be happier! I wish you luck!
  12. I can't believe that my classes are posted!!!

  13. Hey slpgirl! Thanks so much for providing some input from your experiences with us! We appreciate it! I am currently preparing to enter my program next month and have an overwhelming amount of emotions including excitement, nervousness and anxiety! I have one question that I can think of at the moment, though I'm sure there will be more! Did you work at all during your program? I am a part time lifeguard at a YMCA in my area and just got recerted this year and was tossing around the idea of working at the local Y where I'm moving for 3-5 hours a week just for some extra spending money. I think I'll wait until after the first couple weeks to decide, but I just wanted to ask you about your experience Thanks in advance!
  14. I agree DeadAudi! I'm so looking forward to starting this new chapter of my life. I'm ready to move and start over and get to know new people that I haven't knows for my whole life! I come from a really small town, so everyone knows everyone and we've all grown up together which is great but I think it's time to meet new people who have the same interests as me, ya know? But it's hard that I'm going to be leaving my family because I love them so much, and though it's only 7 hours away, I know it will be harder to make trips home with all the school work that awaits.. I know what you mean! I'm not moving nearly as far as you, but I don't have the option to visit before the week before classes and would like to have everything figured out by then! MWU is an all graduate school and offer student housing, which I'm considering but I will not be able to have my sweet Luna on campus. Which I know may be a silly reason in the grand scheme of things, but I love my hedgie baby! My loans don't get disbursed until the second week of classes and I've been paying out of pocket for my summer classes so I feel ya! I'll be doing a lot of last minute shopping too!
  15. No, not for their 2nd degree program. I believe that you just fill out the application and then send your transcripts. I can't remember everything though because it was a year ago!
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