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  1. Hey! I got this invitation too. However, I won't be able to make it due to personal reasons. Not sure why some applicants didn't get this? This school is one of my top choices too.
  2. No! I just got an email to set up the assistive technology portal. Not sure why though. I tried contacting them, but no answer yet. How many students have been accepted so far?
  3. Hello! I received an e-mail from Elmhurst to set up a portal account, but does not state an admission decision. I've read that some people who applied and got waitlisted were never asked to set up a portal. They just received an e-mail stating they are waitlisted. Does anyone know why some are able to create a portal and some do not?
  4. Hello! Wondering if anyone who interviewed around the last two weeks of January has heard back yet? I'm getting anxious ? the thread has been pretty quiet about decisions from this school for the past few weeks!
  5. Hey! I contacted the admissions office and they said my application is still under review!
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