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  1. Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/358664034340890/ Request to join!
  2. neucool, did Emerson offer you something additional on top of that? I thought the overall cost was somewhere around 65K-70K ($1197/credit for 54 credits plus fees). Just wanted to make sure I didn't get the cost estimate totally wrong since I used that to make my decision.
  3. Thanks for the input! That is definitely very different from what I'm used to with Utah State's classes. Are all the classes done this way? I am taking Speech & Hearing Science. My main concern is that I will be abroad for 2 weeks of the summer... so I am not sure I'll be able to log on at specific times.
  4. Has anyone taken prereqs online through ENMU? I am hoping to take a class this summer and am curious how their classes work...specifically, do you have to watch the lecture at a certain time or is it on your own schedule? How is the quality of the courses?
  5. Did anyone here attend the Open House yesterday? I would love to hear feedback from anyone who did!!
  6. I just got accepted last week! Keep checking your portals, they are still accepting people. atrochemoche -- your stats are really great and you have quite a bit of relevant experience. I'd be surprised if NU didn't admit you!
  7. Thanks for that info! It's so frustrating that these schools expect us to make decisions without hearing about funding first. It seems like my schools are split on this issue--all the other Boston schools have notified about funding already. Then I have a couple acceptances at places where I need to send my deposit in first. Definitely makes the decision process more confusing.
  8. I remember reading on an old thread that Northwestern costs over 120K in tuition alone... If that is the case, I would definitely go to TCU instead (sounds like TCU would be nearly free for you). You can always move to Chicago after your program ends. If you really can't decide without hearing about NU funding, you could ask TCU for an extension until April 13. They might be willing to grant you one if you explain the situation.
  9. Just saw on the portal that I was accepted! Yay! Has anyone heard about funding or know how the process works there?
  10. No problem! and actually, it's probably less than that since the degree is 48 hours total. And 12*5=60 which is more than you would need. It's definitely one of the more affordable schools I got into! Hope that doesn't make it even harder..
  11. For 5 semesters at 12 hrs/semester, it comes out to around 35K. Could be more or less depending on how many hours are taken each semester. http://www.utdallas.edu/bursar/tuition/tables/
  12. Has anyone made up their mind to go to Boulder? I am still looking for more information on their program. Unfortunately can't make the open house and they have been kind of slow about responding to emails.
  13. Out of curiosity, where did you end up attending? Are you happy with your choice?
  14. Thank you! That's around what I was getting too. I just noticed they updated the tuition page to reflect next year's tuition. I think before it had 14-15 rates and I was getting 57,000 for the cost of the program. I think the cost/credit was around $1050 when I looked before. So they must have increased tuition quite a bit.
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