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  1. Yes But if you're not sure, pay around the April 15th deadline, why do you wanna pay now?
  2. Oh. That sucks. Okay let's hope after the open house, all the people who don't plan to go inform them so you get in?
  3. I hope you get in! I'm in love with the program too Have they allotted positions on the wait list?
  4. Yes even I noticed it increased! Here's a facebook group https://m.facebook.com/groups/1556018624652094?ref=bookmark
  5. Hii. Here's what I know - It's a total 54 credit program. So assuming you're finishing it over two years, that's got to be 12 credits per semester. So that's 28,728 a year. That's 28,728 X 2 = 57456 for 48 credits + 6 X 1,197 = 7182 Total tuition becomes 57456+7182= 64638
  6. Which is why the group Yes I joined that but that isnt very active at all :-$ And that's all accepted students of all courses of all semesters in 2015
  7. That sounds awesome! Shall I make a facebook group or does this work fine? Are you guys planning to go for the open house? Does anybody know when we need to start housing and all?
  8. Hi, I've made a separate thread for attending students. It'll be good for us to talk and get to discussing stuff so we could do it there and/or make a group on facebook. See you there
  9. I've decided to go with Emerson! Whoever decides on Emerson, this thread is ready
  10. I think I'm picking Emerson. I've heard the clinical situation at both is comparable. BU is more equipped for research. Emerson is more pediatric oriented. So Im gonna pick Emerson. Plus, the entire small college, friendly supportive environment wins for me!
  11. Yes it's 45k of tuition, 65k ( tuition+fees+ living estimate)
  12. I'm waitlisted at BU and accepted at UNC. For the past 6 months, I've been dreaming about Emerson but now that I've gotten in, Im confused. I think I'll end up in going to Emerson, I was absolutely in love with it. I just need to reaffirm the reasons. You're confused between BU and Emerson right?
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