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  1. Don’t give up! Have you looked into an summers only programs? I am attending Northern Arizona University Summers Only Program for working SLPAs. I know it might be far but you only go to school for the summer then you do a class a semester online throughout the year when you work back home. A little background info, I was rejected my first time around and I honestly didn’t have the greatest GPA and I definitely didn’t have good GRE scores. I did retake them when applying the second time but I still didn’t do THAT much better. I worked for 1 year as SLPA before I applied to the program and guess what, I was notified of my acceptance in January! I also got accepted to Midwestern University which I thought would be a hard school to get into. Not all schools rely heavily on GPA and GREs. I’ve seen people with low GPAs and GRE scores get in to regular full time programs! Im not sure if there are any other summers programs but there might be. I honestly feel like it was a factor of multiple things. I changed my LOI and when I wrote it I actually mentioned professors there that their interests lined up with mine, I had very good recommendations from SLPs that have supervised me and 1 from my boss who is the director of my clinic and of course lastly my experience I think helped. You seem like you have a lot of experience so I wouldn’t give up!
  2. I second everyone else’s advice. Magoosh is what I used, although my test scores weren’t great, I studied with Magoosh on and off and was still able to improve my scores from the first time. I managed to be accepted to all the 3 schools I applied to.
  3. Also I think mentioning professors in your letter of intent and relating their research to my experience and interests helped also because it really makes you stand out and shows that you really want to go to that school.
  4. Of course! My GREs were not that great honestly. I got a 147 V 141 Q and a 3.5 on writing. So I think a lot of people shouldn’t be worried to much on the GREs becuase that wasn’t the only factor they looked at. I think what made me stand out this time around was my experience. I worked as an SLPA for a year before I applied again. I do think my letter of intent and my references also helped. I changed up my statement referenced professors from each program and how my interests and experiences related to theirs and how I could learn from them. My first year applying I was rejected from every program so I honestly think working as a SLPA helped a lot.
  5. I took a risk and only applied to 3 this time around. This was my second time applying and I got into 2 out of the 3 schools and the 3rd school offered me an interview but I declined because I had already accepted an offer.
  6. I’ll join as well. I saw your other post and sent a request to join!
  7. Exactly, my reasonings exactly. We’re getting the same degree as the others so why put yourself in more debt. Besides I really like NAU anyways so I’m excited.
  8. I also received an email today about interviewing with them.
  9. Wow that’s not bad at all. I was accepted to Midwestern as well and their tuition calculated well over 100,000
  10. Congratulations! I liked there undergrad program and they have a great campus. I am really looking forward to it as well!
  11. Hi Alex! Well that doesn’t sound too bad, I figured during the summer I won’t have too much of a life. From what I believe the tuition is going to be around 60,000 maybe less? I couldn’t find a definite answer unfortunately. Congrats though, I guess I will be seeing you this summer then!
  12. I got my acceptance for the part time program about a month ago and I saw that a few in the full time program heard already also.
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