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  1. i think you need to clarify more on what you mean by differences regarding education. You can try wiki if you need to know the differences in their definition
  2. http://www.gse.harvard.edu/masters/life/who-studies I was just looking at the stats for last year's students and I thought it was interesting how average Ed.M students GRE scores are slightly higher than those of PhD students... Ph.D. students Verbal Average: 80 (percentile) Quantitative Average: 63 (percentile) Analytical Writing Average: 4.5 Ed.M. students Verbal Average: 81 (percentile) Quantitative Average: 63 (percentile) Analytical Writing Average: 4.6
  3. got the official acceptance letter and packet yesterday!
  4. I got into different program, but the current student called me yesterday and we talked about this. He said the courses are very flexible in terms of selection. I can take courses at any surrounding colleges and any other schools in Harvard. He also said that it is manageable even if the program is only one year. Most students apparently have enough time to work in a lab or other settings on campus.
  5. Debating between harvard and vanderbilt as well. gotta wait until harvards fin aid packet to make the decision
  6. I heard its because they have great funding for their students. So the acceptance rate increases, average gre score of students increase, and also the quality of research probably went up. I think its all about the money. And I think they only look at recent data for the scoring
  7. dang upenn and tc went down several places
  8. I think it has always been on Friday for past few years
  9. Hopefully not that means I am rejected as well lol
  10. HAHA I think you need to relax a little lol
  11. merit scholarships are need blind so your dad's income doesn't really matter. it affects the financial aid, but not merit scholarships
  12. does anyone know the acceptance rate for each of the master programs? or are they generally similar to the overall average rate?
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