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  1. SCGH

    HGSE Fall 2015

    In related news, HGSE has raised $145M of its $250M goal so far: http://www.thecrimson.com/article/2015/4/13/ed-school-raises-funds/
  2. SCGH

    HGSE Fall 2015

    Having been a master's student at HGSE, I can tell you from my experience, this is not the case. The simple fact is that HGSE does not have the financial endowment to be able to give grants/scholarships to every deserving student. In fact, Dean Ryan has made that one of his fundraising priorities as part of the recently launched $250M HGSE Campaign (part of the larger, Harvard-wide $6.5B capital campaign). While Harvard in total has an endowment of $37B, the Ed school has a very very small fraction of that, much of which is used to support faculty chairs, academic programming and doctoral fellowships. There are 600 master's students, many of whom come from modest economic backgrounds. It seems like many get offered a $8-12K scholarship, which if you assume on average comes to $10K per student, is quite a sum of money ($6M, which would require a $200M dedicated endowment).
  3. I didn't do any of the spring break treks as I had other personal commitments but I do know that the Colombia trek for example was approx. $1,000 (inclusive of airfare and hotel) for the 8 day experience. Some treks are subsidized others are budgeted (like the Colombia one) so as to minimize overall cost. Regarding other opportunities, most of the on campus stuff is free for students. All the conferences, colloquia, fora, and symposia across all the Harvard schools are open to students. The HGSE budget also includes the J-term so there is no additional tuition to do one of those courses.
  4. It is a big decision. I've posted a little bit around this here: The other thing I would say is you should also consider the composition of the student body. I know someone who did her doctoral work at Peabody and felt like the climate was not welcoming for students of color (she's Asian American) and noticed that her time at HGSE was markedly different in that regard.
  5. SCGH

    HGSE Fall 2015

    Deferrals, as I understand them, generally are only granted for medical reasons or personal reasons (e.g. taking care of an ill parent/child) - I have heard they will not grant deferrals simply for financial or professional circumstances.
  6. PhD admits - where are you going?
  7. SCGH

    HGSE Fall 2015

    I have a bunch of IEP friends who faced the same choice last year and (as is obvious because they are in IEP), chose HGSE. Paraphrasing, I think it came down to three things for them: 1. The range and network of faculty, 2. The diversity and depth of their peers, and 3. the intellectual community/vibrancy and real world interface/connectedness of HGSE and Harvard generally. Re (1), Fernando Reimers, Felipe Barrera-Osorio, Pasi Sahlberg, etc. all have deep networks with government and nonprofit leaders all over the world. Some of my friends are currently spending this week (spring break) in Colombia where they have met with the Vice Minister for Education (an HGSE '07 alum) and have toured various agencies and nonprofits. They are currently guests at of the Colombian First Lady at the palace in Cartagena - and the kicker is this is not unusual. Others are in China, Korea, Philippines, etc. at the moment (e.g. The Kennedy School and HGSE conduct an Asia Leadership Trek/Fellowship program three times a year for current grad students where they also interface with high level government and nonprofit leaders - google it for past trek info). Also, many leaders in the field teach at HGSE. Bruno della Chiesa from OECD taught a course during J-term and has done so for the last 5 years. I can't overemphasize how connected the faculty is to leaders all over the world. Re (2), the IEP program is usually the second largest cohort in the master's program. This year its tied with EPM at number 2. The 65 or so folks in your cohort will come from all over the world (I think I read that Stanford's program is around 12-15 students). In this year's class (from memory), there are students from China, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Jamaica, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Ghana, Sweden, UK and elsewhere (on top of folks in other programs from around the world - 46 countries represented and non-US students represent about 20% of the total students in the EdM program - so 120-130 international students at HGSE vs. 30-40 at Stanford). It's pretty impressive to see such geographic diversity. Also, the EPM and IEP folks also tend to interact with students at HKS as well who also hail from various places outside of the U.S. There is frequent collaboration (e.g. the Colombia trip, the Asia Trek, etc) on academic and social events. Re (3), we often joke that Harvard is our "fifth class" - there is so much going on around campus. This past year, HKS has hosted 5 heads of state so far (I got to meet the President of the Philippines and members of his cabinet) and that's not an unusual occurrence (check out https://forum.iop.harvard.edu ) . Other parts of the university have hosted folks ranging from Ban Ki Moon, VP Joe Biden, Gov. Deval Patrick, Thomas Piketty, Peter Thiel, and Edward Snowden (via Skype) to celebrities like Oprah, Shonda Rhimes, Barbara Walters, Eva Longoria and Seth Rogen. And that was basically just first semester of this year! At the Ed school, we've had Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Claude Steele, Mark Yudof, Jose Antonio Vargas, Carmen Farina, and many more (search Youtube for HGSE Askwith Forum to see some recordings of these events). And all of these events are open to all Harvard students. Every day of every week there is something going on, and its more than I had expected even having gone to a prestigious/globally-known undergrad. It is really a special place in that way. Hope that helps.
  8. SCGH

    HGSE Fall 2015

    Based on what? I have generally heard that if one is serious about higher ed, you'd go to HGSE or Penn. Stanford's program is far too small for anyone with that particular interest. By the same token, those interested in teacher prep/training probably fare better at Stanford than at HGSE. Stanford has about 100 or so in STEP while Harvard has (currently) 17 in TEP. Each school has picked their respective foci and I would suggest that given that more than half of Stanford's master's cohort is STEP, that's where their strength lies. P.S. Given your flippant comment regarding size and admissions rate, I'm guessing you're trolling here trying to incite argument but that's just my speculation. Truth is HGSE's admit rate is not materially different than most of the top 5-10 Ed school MA/EdM programs and the size of their master's cohort is right smack in the middle of the pack (far smaller than Columbia, NYU, JHU and USC, larger than Stanford, Berkeley, and Northwestern, but about the same size as Peabody, Penn, BC, UVA, UCLA etc). If you're not here to provide helpful guidance/information, probably better if you refrain from posting.
  9. SCGH

    HGSE Fall 2015

    I would suggest you think hard about program size. I know Stanford's program is quite small for higher ed, while Harvard's is much larger. Personally, I think the peer effects of having a good sized cohort with varying experiences, networks and skills is very valuable. The current cohort of higher ed folks at HGSE come from literally all over the US and the world, bringing a good breadth to class discussion and informal talk at Gutman. Also, the esprit de corps at HGSE is very palpable - in large part because of the physical spaces that enable the formation of community. The program is large enough that you'll get exposed to a range of perspectives and backgrounds, and small enough that you won't feel completely lost in a sea of other master's students.
  10. http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-education-schools/edu-rankings?int=a3a109 Not too much movement.
  11. SCGH

    HGSE Fall 2015

    Hmmm, ok. Just in case - since it is not quite obvious when you login, if you do have a decision, there is a line just at the very end of the GSAS Application section, well below where it says "Application status: Submitted" - its very missable - that reads "Decision Status: Available beginning ..."
  12. SCGH

    HGSE Fall 2015

    For everyone applying to the PhD, I just logged on to the GSAS app website and noticed it said "Decision available" - I'm not sure if this is just for the admitted folks or for everyone but worth a check. I had definitely not seen it there last weekend.
  13. SCGH

    HGSE Fall 2015

    That was me - I received the official admissions package yesterday, but I already received calls from the Dean and my POI. I also had an interview.
  14. I was wondering about this as well - from your handle, are you at Peabody? If so, do their funding packages look worse than lower tier schools?
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