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  1. Did anyone else on here apply to the School Leadership Program?
  2. Has anyone else applied for the school leadership program?
  3. Is anyone interested in swapping Personal Statements for review and feedback? I am applying to the School Leadership Program at HGSE.
  4. Great idea to use last year's format to introduce ourselves. GRE Score (Revised): V: 167 Q: 164 AWA 4.5 GPA: 3.98 Work Experience: 14 years working in International Education. Currently, I am the director of a small international school, which is part of a chain of 35 K-12 schools around the world. Undergrad Institution (Public, Private, Ivy, etc..): Private Applying for PhD or Masters: Masters, 2015. Program: School Leadership What Other Schools Are You Applying To: None Would anyone be interested in exchanging SOPs for feedback?
  5. When searching through past threads, I noticed that each year had a section dedicated to those applying for Harvard's Graduate School of Education. This fall I will apply to the School Leadership program, hoping to be admitted for fall 2015. Let's get this party rolling...
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