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  1. I applied for IED. Don't know if ICE and IED results come out at the same time. I'm feeling nervous now!
  2. Congrats! I read about this too last year but thought TC might have fixed this by now. What program did you apply for?
  3. Also no acceptances here. I applied to only two programs 1) UPenn's Educational Entrepreneurship 2) Columbia Teacher's College Got deferred from early decision at UPenn, still waiting for Columbia. For UPenn, I simply emailed the program manager and wrote them a deferral letter (aka-love letter). Didn't see reason to pester them more than that, since their department is in the middle of busy season. Does anybody know how likely an early deferral can convert to an acceptance at the masters level?
  4. Has anyone applying for TC's International Educational Development Program heard from the department yet? Judging by previous years, admission results should be coming out around this Friday.
  5. Congratulations! I'm also waiting for TC's International Education Development Program's early round. It's my #1 program behind UPenn (deferred from ED). Which program did you apply for?
  6. Congrats on getting the good news!! If I ultimately get rejected, your experience will comfort me to consider applying a second time
  7. I also just heard back from my MS Educational Entrepreneurship program, saying that "faculty committee on admissions would like to re-review your application as part of the regular decision pool. Your application will be re-reviewed in mid-March with the rest of the Regular Decision applications. We will be in touch in early April with a final admissions decision." At least it isn't a flat-out rejection, but it seems different from a wait-list. Has anybody seen this outcome before? How is this different from a wait-list, and how likely are my chances? This program is definat
  8. Does this include the Masters programs, or just the doctorals?
  9. Hey llap8, I think it varies across programs. The program manager emailed me on Feb 2nd, saying that I will back from them in early March with no mention of an interview. However, this is for the Educational Entrepreneurship M.S. program at UPenn. Which Masters program did you apply for?
  10. I see that some people have already received offers from UPenn GSE from our application cycle. Do all ED applicants receive offers on the day of March 1st, or are offers rolling?
  11. Nice to meet you! You're a much better student that I was back in undergrad Would love the opportunity to pick your brain on the school- I've only been to the school and the city for a few hours because of a last-minute school tour, but I liked Penn better than the other schools I saw.
  12. Program/Concentration: Educational EntrepreneurshipGRE Score: N/AGPA: 2.96 Undergrad , ~3.25 MBAWork Experience: 6 years in Real Estate, started up a couple of business ventures (real estate mutual fund, water filtration), Education Consulting in China Undergrad/Grad Institution (Public, Private, Ivy, etc..): UBC for Undergrad, Shanghai Jiaotong University MBA Research Experience: I've done Education Research for my Education Company, but the program I'm applying for has an executive-format and is not research-oriented. LoR/SoP: 1 from MBA teacher who is a Columbia alum, 1 from Company D
  13. Hey Levon3, Thanks for your reply. My motivation for a Masters in Education at TC is because I want to start-up an education consultancy company. Therefore, I'm viewing this pursuit and college tuition as an investment and expecting to make returns in my future business. I've been on this journey for quite some time now; its taken me from my Real Estate to Shanghai where I'm completing my MBA while making connections, building a brand for myself, and acquiring clients. I see this Masters of Education at TC as the final piece before I put it altogether and start the bus
  14. Hey hopeful, It's nice to hear from you! I'm still in the midst of grinding out my MBA so I haven't had the chance to take the GREs yet. Aside from HGSE, I'm also interested in Columbia's TA and I've heard they don't require GREs. I'm intrigued by the idea of applying for the TA right after I finish my MBA without taking the GREs (saves me time). I also won't be needing any Financial Aid if admitted into any of these education programs-will this improve my chances? Do you have any advice? I would love to hear from an experienced applicant to this school, such as yourse
  15. Hey guys, I was fortunate to have stumbled upon these boards after serious contemplating doing a second Masters in Education. I am Canadian, and I'm interested in pursuing a Masters in Education in the U.S., but never dared to try because of my poor undergrad grades. It's now been 6 years since I completed my undergrad and after working in both in the business/education world, I've decided I want to start up my own Educational consulting company after completing a Masters in Education. Background: A little about myself. Education: 1) Graduated from UBC in 201
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