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  1. @NAhmad I had a friend who applied last year (she got rejected). She was quite close with a lot of the Ph.D. students there and told me that, while the GSE lauds RILE as one of the most popular programs, there aren't actually a lot of people who are accepted into RILE directly. She was told by Ph.D. students that many people actually transferred into RILE from other programs. So, with that being said, I would assume that most anyone who gets in would most definitely attend?
  2. Also rejected on my end. It seems like it's gonna be another year of prepping for me. Sigh.
  3. @californiacastro Yeah, it's odd that the programs in Cali (UC's, Stanford, USC) are not as heavily represented on this site when compared to Harvard and UPenn. Thank you for the words of support! I thought I was a pretty competitive applicant but with the results as they've been, I'm now only hoping for the best while not really expecting much haha. It also seems like the notifications were sent out via snail mail (the PDF attachment looked like a scanned copy of an original document) so maybe that's why people haven't heard back yet (my address was not correct so maybe it got returned to adm
  4. I just received an email with an attached letter noting that I got wait listed for the Higher Education & Organizational Change PhD program.
  5. @Alse14262331 From previous years, it does seem to be the case that nearly all PhD offers were given only to those who received interview invites. However, I remember seeing somewhere that there were a few cases where applicants were accepted without the interview. I'm assuming that such cases are rare. But, as my friends have all been saying, you never know until you get a phone call and or an email regarding the final verdict lol.
  6. Hi y'all~ Congrats to those who were contacted for interviews! I applied to the CIS Ph.D. program. Has any fellow CIS applicant received an interview invite? @jmaroon thank you for updating us with your friend's insider info. Would he/she know if the CIS invites were already sent?
  7. @NativeEd I submitted my application about two weeks ago and did not see my scores under the bolded "Standardized Test Scores" section. As such, I contacted GSAS and they informed me that scores do not automatically get matched with applications immediately after submission. It takes a day or two for the application system to put the two together. Seeing "GRE General Official (date of exam)" under "Standardized Test Scores" will mean that GSAS has received and matched your GRE scores. It should look like this (I blurred out my references and GRE exam dates):
  8. I think it would be dependent on what kind of programs you are looking at. Applying for a Master's program straight from undergrad would most definitely be easier than applying to a doctoral program. Check out HGSE's "Who Studies at HGSE?" page. You'll see that there were students without any work experience in both the Ph.D. cohort and Master's cohort from the 2016-2017 entering class. But the catch is also that while the age range for the Master's cohort was 20-61, the age range for the Ph.D. cohort was 23-37, which means that the youngest member might have gone into a two-year Master's prog
  9. Hey Y'all, I am working on Penn's Ph.D. application (ECS) and am having a hard time cutting my SoP down to 750 words. I've had to cut out so much that it seems a bit lackluster at this point. Has the maximum word limit always been this restrictive? Or is it because of the waived application fee this year?
  10. Personally, I would not spend upwards of $60,000 on getting another Master's degree unless I suddenly decided to change career paths and was confident that this expenditure would payoff in the future (I think the estimated income for new HGSE grads is like $57,000??), but that's me. Being brutally honest, your current GRE scores are a bit of a concern... and since you're still quite young, I would recommend studying for them again (if you have the financial means to do so). I am totally the same when it comes to testing (my first round of scores were not the best) but I took a few weeks t
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