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  1. I have never encountered anyone looking down upon HGSE. If anything, I think WE are the ones with an inferiority complex, and not the other way around
  2. You have to check each program's curriculum requirements. I think some are more restrictive than others. But generally you can enroll in any classes you want as long as you also meet those requirements.
  3. ^Sorry I don't have a lot of advice on finances Best of luck to you though. Just on the discussion of "Is HGSE worth it?" career-wise... we are all getting jobs right now. Another thing HGSE has taught us is to dream big, believe in yourself, and go after what you want, not just what you can get. So people are also turning down some 'lower' jobs as they have legitimate chances at really advancing their careers.
  4. HGSE doesn't care WHO writes your letters, just that they are strong and know you personally. I don't think doing well in an online class would be the way to go with that.
  5. I believe Harvard GSE offers a *few* classes through Harvard Extension School online.
  6. I don't think it weighs more or less with people who are hiring, but I do think HGSE has a larger alumni network from which to find jobs.
  7. Most of my complaints, upon reflection, are more personal issues during my year at grad school and not related to HGSE itself. However, I'd say my biggest complaint is the spectrum in quality of classes. There are AMAZING classes and then there are classes that are terrible. And unfortunately, few people seem to be able to avoid taking at least one dud, which is a shame given we are only here for one year, even one dud feels like such a waste. I guess that's really my only complaint... I know international students have some more challenges...
  8. That last sentence is kind of problematic to me. What makes you think a teacher can't be "super"? This is an ed school --- teachers are supposed to be respected. Isn't your friend intelligent? Isn't his/her classroom teaching experience extremely valid when going into ed policy or whatever field? $65,000 is a good starting salary for education, I don't think the comparison to Harvard College is at all relevant because of the reasons stated above, students go into much more lucrative fields. I don't think you'll find an ed program with a HIGHER starting salary.... and if you yourself have
  9. Well, very few internships are more than 20 hours a week anyway, and if you're a full-time student I doubt you'd take on more than that.
  10. If you are looking to teach, I would go for the cheapest option among those three because they are all reputable and you will get a teaching job regardless.
  11. My internship is not paid, so international students can definitely do that. I know many international students with internships. In terms of managing it, well, I'm doing it for credit, so it's like it's one of my classes. I also have good time management
  12. I have heard from people at HGSE who chose HGSE over Stanford that the reason had a lot to do with the fact that the MA paper was going to be all-consuming (that's what they were told at admitted students day) and they wouldn't really have time to do internships or anything like that. IMO, building your resume through actual experiences is more important than a paper.
  13. I call what I did "internships" because they weren't projects, they were formal roles with/at organizations. I would say I have had three "legitimate" internships and then one that could arguably be called a project but that's a lot of detail haha. In the fall, I went to my internship's office ten hours a week, and worked on their education program. In the spring I am interning with two very large (you've heard of them) international organizations, one for 20-30 hours a week, the other 1-2 hours a week. I had to interview for both of these internships and both of them were sent to me by my HGS
  14. I have some reliable intel on the admissions rate/process for IEP students this year, so if you were accepted or rejected and are curious, feel free to PM me.
  15. I think it should go out at once to everyone and should be on the site. Is it completely blank? I would say it probably means not getting anything but call them and ask, they're very nice.
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