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  1. I graduate from HGSE SLP in 2017. I was very active on the HGSE 2016 and 2017 threads. Here is my statement of purpose for anyone to consult. Here is some admissions data I mined from the many years of HGSE threads on this forum. If these documents are helpful to you, please give me an upvote so that I will know all the hours that I spent will have been worthwhile in helping myself and others achieve our dreams. Feel free to reach out with any questions.
  2. graciasadios

    HGSE 2017

    @HisGrace I am a current HGSE student, I work at HKS, and my spouse works at MIT. Your question is difficult to answer because it is getting at values deep within Harvard's history and culture. Everything I say is based on my experience and should be read as hasty generalizations. Basically, each school at Harvard looks upon the others with both a tinge of disdain and a tinge of respect. The B School is often hated on for being separate. They are on the other side of the Charles River and have a proclivity to not share resources like other schools do (e.g. they have the nicest gym on-cam
  3. @pizza_school Did you get any funding from JHU? Are you planning to attend JHU or elsewhere? What is your career goal?
  4. graciasadios

    HGSE 2017

    Current HGSE student here. Just wanted to confirm that we are being recruited for a phonathon to congratulate accepted students on March 7th @ 5:30 pm. I think it's safe to say that y'all can expect admission decisions before then!
  5. I am planning to apply to the JHU's Ed.D. program next year. My questions are: What funding is available and what is the typical student's funding package? What are jobs that people go into after graduating? Thanks for posting this!
  6. graciasadios

    HGSE 2017

    The HGSE Grant is need-based and the maximum amount (as of 2016-2017) is $14k. Unfortunately, many people are not offered any financial aid besides federal loans. Here is a spreadsheet that I made last year to catalog financial aid profiles. I was initially offered $10k HGSE Grant and was able to get Federal Work Study by going to the Financial Aid Office and requesting it. Also, the second sheet of this spreadsheet has admittance profiles.
  7. Current student at Harvard's Ed. School. Here is my book list for after graduation: Instructional Rounds in Education: A Network Approach to Improving Teaching and Learning by Sarah Fiarman Data Wise in Action: Stories of Schools Using Data to Improve Teaching and Learning by Sarah Fiarman How Kids Succeed by Michael Fullan Role of Government in Education by Milton Friedman Becoming a School Principal The 21st century principal Cage Busting Leadership Rick Hess Resourceful Leadership Elizabeth
  8. graciasadios

    HGSE 2017

    Acceptance profiles of everyone admitted to HGSE during 2014-2015 from GradCafe I did the above research last year. I figured it would be helpful to repost due to the GRE scores and financial aid info. Again, if I were you, I would read through the entire HGSE 2016 thread because it was super helpful and active. Feel free to send me a personal message if you have any questions. I am a current student at the Ed. School.
  9. graciasadios

    HGSE 2017

    Last year, acceptance notifications were released on March 4th around 5:45 pm EST. If I were y'all, I would read through the HGSE 2016 thread. We had a really good group of people who shared a lot of helpful information. Some information was not helpful, but passed the time . We ended up with 34 pages of comments. I'm sure you will have a better sense of this admissions process if you just start with page 1 and read through the whole thread.
  10. graciasadios

    HGSE 2017

    Current SLP student here. The mode and average age of SLP students this year is approximately 28 years old. The youngest is 25 and the oldest is 40+. @Vulpix is generally accurate in saying that SLP is older than other programs because the state requires 3 years of teaching experience in order to become a principal. The program with the oldest average age, in my estimation, is the Ed.L.D. The programs with the youngest students are the ones without a work experience requirement (e.g. EPM, PSP, MBE, AiE etc.) In my biased opinion, SLP is the strongest master's program followed by EPM.
  11. graciasadios

    HGSE 2016

    SLP student here. We've been on-campus for about 2 weeks now and have finished 2 summer classes. Our program started a month early because we have state licensure requirements to meet. It's been a blast and I definitely made the right decision coming to Harvard. I just wanted to post that the courses for the Fall & Spring are posted here. Just click "HGSE Courses." See y'all soon!
  12. graciasadios

    HGSE 2016

    Has anyone done the Gap Analysis or the Working Identity Mind Map? Here is my Gap Analysis. I found the exercise pretty helpful.
  13. graciasadios

    HGSE 2016

    I was kind of disappointed by Harvard's housing options. Sure, there are some great properties and locations. However, I was looking for something either below market value OR a 9-10 month lease. Harvard says they put everything at "market value," but I've seen much cheaper apartments elsewhere. I would be willing to pay $1700 for a studio in Cambridge if it were a 10 month lease, but Harvard doesn't offer anything other than one year leases. My SO and I are planning to move to Cambridge, Somerville, or Allston on August 1st. We are looking for a studio or a shared living situation. Good
  14. graciasadios

    HGSE 2016

    On Monday, I went to the Open House for Admitted Students. I honestly found a lot of it to be a repetition of the HGSE website and therefore boring. However, it was great to be in Cambridge with my SO and confirm that HGSE is a good decision for me. I only have three noteworthy things to share with you all: At the Fin. Aid session, the speaker mentioned something really important. He said that HGSE does not include Federal Grad Plus Loans in your fin. aid package while most other universities do. He said that a majority of HGSE students take out Grad Plus Loans, but that HGSE does not in
  15. graciasadios

    HGSE 2016

    @Cat Time Sorry for that rude post. It doesn't represent the encouraging culture that this HGSE thread has had all year or in years past. I consider it a small honor to start the HGSE thread for the year. Congrats on starting your journey!
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