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  1. I did not get the max grant. Good to see others got the Perkins loan since its preferable to the unsubsidized but I'll probably be giving the fin aid office a call just to discuss my package. I remember someone did that a few years ago on this sub and had a really productive conversation about their methodology and the circumstances under which you can appeal for additional aid.
  2. Did anyone else see a Perkins loan on their award? I'm trying to understand how I got a loan for extreme need students but didn't get a higher grant amount.
  3. Thanks guys! I'm looking for a whole apartment and areas like Somerville and North Cambridge are already on my radar since I stayed in a great airbnb around there when I visited last fall. I'm definitely going to check out some of these other towns and just keep chugging away at internet searching it seems.
  4. Has anyone started looking into housing options around the neighboring areas yet? I'm starting to get a little nervous after reading up on what it takes to find an apartment near campus. Couple that with all the money the Boston area charges up front, the fact that most of the area operates on a September 1st lease start date, and the logistics of coordinating an out of state rental process and I'm already overwhelmed. I have looked into the Harvard University Housing options which seem promising but even that is a crap shoot with their lottery system of selecting a property. Coming from Chica
  5. EPM TOO! I cannot believe it!
  6. As did I! Seems like mine came a few hours after yours though. So if anyone is still waiting I wouldn't necessarily take that as a bad sign.
  7. How'd did everybody's apps go? Everything get submitted in time? I just submitted yesterday but the weight off my shoulders is significant. I've been looking through some past threads and nothing is certain but it does seem like HGSE will post decisions during early March which means we all can enjoy two whole months of waiting starting...now!
  8. I'll be applying as well and hope to be admitted to Education Policy and Management. I missed last years application season due to some letters of rec snafus so this is the year! I'll be visiting Cambridge in October for the Diversity Recruitment day and all in all really looking forward to getting to know Harvard and Boston.
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